Interesting facts about Ireland

4th of July Celebrations Around the World

4th of July celebrations around the world


With the annual 4th of July celebrations in full swing, did you know that the United States is not the only country to mark this occasion? Around the world, American ex-pats and locals alike come together today to commemorate Independence Day! In fact, there are large American communities that host...

Best European city breaks

8 of the best European city breaks


In search of the best European city breaks? Sometimes a short break is an ideal way to add travel into your busy schedule. Indeed, Europe is home to some of the most historic and charming cities on earth. From spectacular architecture to award-winning museums and ancient archaeological sites, a city...

Multi-city vacation packages

Incredible multi-city vacation packages and travel ideas!


Multi-city vacation packages allow you to get more out of your travels! After all, who wouldn’t want to visit multiple destinations in just one trip? Not only are they a great way to pack a lot into your vacation, but multi-city travel packages are also the chance to really get...

Best city breaks

Best city breaks for couples, culture-lovers and more…


Want to know the best city breaks? Getting away for a few days on a city break is always a welcome adventure! It’s said that to truly know a country, you must experience its cities and a short break is an easy and affordable way to travel. Indeed, great cities...

Best hiking trails in the world

Discover the best hiking trails in the world!


Whether you’re a long-distance walker or a casual rambler, the best hiking trails in the world are an incredible way to experience a variety of landscapes. Nothing beats the feeling of a hike through beautiful natural scenery. To reconnect with nature, and with yourself, the simple act of walking appeals...

Best places to travel alone in 2022

Solo Travel: Best places to travel alone in 2022


Thinking of traveling solo and looking for the best places to travel alone in 2022? There’s nothing quite like the freedom of solo travel. Without having to compromise with a travel companion you can choose the experiences you’re most interested in and explore new and exotic destinations at your own...

best libraries in the world

Best libraries in the world: 6 destinations for book lovers!


The best libraries in the world are earthly paradises for keen book lovers! Nothing beats the feeling of escaping into a new book and reading can be almost as rewarding as travel itself. But, if you want to combine your two loves, why not discover some of the best libraries...

What are some typical Irish traditions?

What are some typical Irish traditions?


If you are planning a trip to Emerald Isle, you’ll want to know some of the most important Irish traditions! A land of breathtaking landscapes, historic cities and vibrant culture, Ireland is a pleasure to explore. From sitting in a cosy pub listening to traditional Irish music to uncovering the...

Dublin Castle

When is the best time to travel to Ireland?


Are you wondering when the best time to travel to Ireland is? Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland sits between the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea, west of the United Kingdom. A trip to Ireland evokes images of beautiful countryside, friendly locals and pints of Guinness, best enjoyed in...