3 tips for holidays in Peru with children

Taking children on long-haul travel can be a landmine of obstacles. However, you have decided that it is well worth it and you will visit the Land of the Incas, Peru, with children. You may be feeling nervous or with some trepidation as to how to pull off this once in a lifetime experience. However, we have some tips on how to get the most out of Peru with children.


Plan your trip carefully.

Peru´s climate can vary dramatically. From hot, humid cities to crisp, dry mountain ranges, you should plan your trip around the best season for your family to go. Otherwise, you may miss the chance to fully enjoy Peru with children. Many experts claim that visiting Peru with children is best enjoyed around December or January. This is an off-peak season, which means there are fewer tourists. This can be essential if you are to get the most out of your experience.

Take Machu Picchu, for example. Getting there often involves an arduous hike, that can take days rather than hours. It is not built for easy access. One idea is to take the train, which only takes a matter of hours. You will be able to see the breathtaking landscape as you enter the holiest of Incan sites. Safe from a window-seat in a train, the children enjoy as much of the Peruvian countryside, without too much discomfort. The children will arrive rested and will be able to fully appreciate the site. Again, the season is key to this, as Machu Picchu will not be overrun by tourists. The children will be able to clamber over ruins and race around, without being a nuisance to others or to themselves. The aim is to make the visit as comfortable as possible, for everyone, including yourself. That way, it will be much easier to enjoy Peru with children.


Acclimatize well.

Peru is not a trip for the faint-hearted, least of all if you have children in tow. The change of climate, harsh sunlight, jet-lag, and altitude sickness can leave the whole family exhausted and irritable. This is not a way to enjoy Peru with children. Locals will swear by Muña tea, for a queasy stomach. The herbal infusion will settle even the most upset of stomachs. Expect some sickness, from the food and from the altitude. The bus routes into many historical sites can be extremely winding. It could be a good idea to keep an extra supply of plastic or paper bags in your backpack, in case of any sudden travel sickness. To travel through Peru with children means always to be prepared. Also, keep in mind that the sun is far stronger here than in the Mediterranean, so ensure that the entire family is completely covered in sunscreen. Sunburn is no laughing matter and can make things extremely uncomfortable, particularly when traveling long distances. Many experienced travelers who have visited Peru with children also recommend staying in Lima to acclimatize before moving to a higher altitude. This also works as a recovery period from jet-lag. You can take the opportunity to savor some delicious cuisine, as well as prepare yourself for the trip ahead. Lima has plenty of attractions and is one of the best places to visit in Peru with children.


Take the children on fun excursions.

Children are easily bored, especially if they don´t understand the local culture or history. It could be a good idea to take some time out from the traveling, to kick back and relax. There are many excursions that are perfect when visiting Peru with children. If you have time to visit the coast, Paracas has some amazing sand dunes for children to run themselves ragged on. Huanchaco is also a good option, as there are plenty of beachside activities that children can do. This includes surfing, sailing, or simply relaxing on the beach. The climate here is a little gentler, so it is a good chance to let the children run free and relax. There are often many petting zoos and farms, as you ascend into the mountains. Visiting Peru with children is advantageous as the society is extremely family-oriented. Therefore, there will be plenty of spaces to stop and pet llamas or alpacas. If you are staying in the city, there are also places to make chocolates, especially in Lima and Cuzco. This is excellent fun for all the family and will be an unforgettable experience for the children.

In short, Peru is an extremely family-friendly environment. There is no shortage of things to do with children in Peru. However, to fully enjoy the trip, plan well in advance and ensure you are prepared for everything. For more information on family holidays, please visit Exoticca who will be happy to help you plan your trip.

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