Interesting facts about Madagascar

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Madagascar travel tips

Madagascar Travel Guide: Interesting facts about Madagascar


These interesting facts about Madagascar are sure to help you prepare for your trip to the enchanting ‘Land of Baobabs’. Madagascar lies 400 kilometres off the coast of East Africa and is well-known for its incredible wildlife. In fact, many plan a trip to Madagascar just to meet the island’s...

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When is the best time to visit Madagascar

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Choosing the best time to travel to Madagascar is simple, as this country with a unique ecosystem has one dry season and one rainy season. The presence of devastating cyclones should also be taking into consideration, especially in winter. When to travel to Madagascar As previously mentioned, if you want...

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Top Things To Do In Madagascar


This stunning island lying off the coast of mainland Africa, boasts a wealth of natural marvels unique to its shores. Only recently has The Great Red Island started to finally come to terms with its potential. Yes, this means untainted experiences a-plenty; however, the lack of infastructure means the best...