The 10 most beautiful Russian villages beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg

The 10 most beautiful Russian villages beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg

Some countries make good the saying that trees do not let us see the forest. This is the case with Russia. Its capital, Moscow, and the second most important city in the country, St. Petersburg, bring together the largest number of visitors. But there are Russian villages beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg. And here we are going to show you ten of them. So you can get an idea of how much this country has to offer. Have you ever thought of Siberia? Well, that is just a little example.

Russian villages beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg

1.- Sergiyev Posad

Sergiyev Posad is one of the most charming destinations of the Russian Golden Ring. A belt of towns of remarkable beauty northeast of Moscow. Given its location, it is the perfect place to start our tour of Russian villages beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here everything revolves around the magnificent monastery of St. Sergius, the most sacred place in the Russian Orthodox Church. Inside the village, dozens of churches, oratories and rooms make up a hallucinogenic visit where each roof fights to be the most colourful. Among them, the Cathedral of the Assumption and the tombs of the Tsars of the Godunov family are the most outstanding ones.


Sviyazhsk is located in a lagoon of the Volga River. This natural enclave contributes a lot to its beauty, but this is not its only attraction. You can visit a monastery that, after its restoration and restitution as a religious building, is now in use and inhabited by monks. Only the historical centre of the town survived the creation of the water reserve of Kuibyshev as it is located on the highest point, on the edge of an imposing cliff.


Strolling through its streets and skies, the eye meets dozens of buildings typical of the most histrionic Russian architecture. Yes, this is one of those Russian villages beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg and its buildings have nothing to envy those of both cities. Pay attention to the churches of San Demetrio, San Teodoro or the Mother of God. Try to find the domes of the cathedral at the end of this highly recommended walk.


The castle of Oréshek, near St. Petersburg, is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset by Lake Ladoga. Located on an island, this bulwark was one of the most coveted squares in the conflicts that this region experienced. Its most outstanding enclave is the Ladoga canal and its impressive granite floodgates.


If we had to number all the attributes and monuments of this town, you would think that we are talking about a capital city. However, Pereslavl-Zalessky is one of our Russian villages beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg. The village bases its charm on the disproportion, in randomly combining stately buildings with fishermen’s quarters that still go out to fish in their boats on Lake Pleshcheyevo. Do not miss the Cathedral, the Goritski Monastery or the Troitse-Danilov Monastery.


If there is a mandatory escape that you must do from Moscow, that is the one that leads to the old residence of the tsars. This group, more than a town, is a museum where each building is protected. It is essential to dedicate a good time to the original Church of the Ascension, model for the rest of the temples with a pyramidal structure. Then comes the constant walk along its paths as well as other finds such as the Church of the Virgin of Kazan, the doors of the complex or the impressive wooden palace of Alexei I, the last one that is preserved in this style.

7.-Rostov Veliki

The epicentre of the Rostov Kremlin is a kingdom ruled by the impressive bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral, whose bells weigh 32 tons each. Therefore, it is not surprising that the role of the Church has been key in its consolidation and glory. The fault was with a metropolitan bishop named Iona Sysóyevich. He decided to create a dream city. He built his own palace and built streets and buildings that today look like a decoration. Perhaps this is one of the best examples of wonderful Russian villages beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Myshkin is one of those ports that justify any cruise on the Volga River. The town still lives in the 19th century. Here you will find exceptional places, such as the cathedral or the Mouse Museum, a kind of homage to the animal from which the town takes its name.


In Suzdal you will see a whole collection of temples. In fact, a third of its buildings are consecrated. The hypnotic blue domes of the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady take the highest praise. Do not forget the ancient walls.


This village has always been marked by its location, right on the border with Estonia. Today its battlements and towers are the essence of its charm. Faced with the stronghold of Estonian Narva, these walls are its main monument and currently house an amazing museum.

We hope that this article has awakened your desire to visit in Russia something more than its two big cities. That was the goal to introduce you to Russian villages beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg. But if you prefer to start with the best known, in Exoticca we will be happy to help you with your plans. Contact us.

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