When is the best time to visit Slovakia

Deciding which is the best time to travel to Slovakia is difficult since all the seasons have their own charm. It is a country with a significant variation between winter and summer temperatures. These differences completely transform the landscape and tourist attractions. If you visit in winter, you’ll find a powdery white paradise, with ski resorts, snow-topped roofs, ice skaters and mulled wine. On the other hand, if you visit in summer, you can enjoy a warm climate, rivers and pools where you can cool off and many open-air festivals. To help you better decide when to travel to Slovakia, here are some details of the best features of each season.mejor ├ępoca para viajar a Eslovaquia

Slovakia in the Winter

For lovers of snow sports, the best time to travel to Slovakia is, without a doubt, winter. Ski resorts can be found all over the country, open from December to March or April. Alpine skiing is very popular in Slovakia and attracts skiers of all levels. Tourists always have the option to rent the equipment at most ski resorts. Snowboarders can also enjoy the snow in the many winter sports resorts that exist in Slovakia. Another attraction of the Slovak winter is the Christmas markets that are organized in the cities of Kosice and Bratislava. There you can buy unique and special handicraft souvenirs while listening to a choir performance. You can also enjoy various performances of the Nutcracker during the month of December at the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava.

Visiting Slovakia in the Spring

In the southern part of the country, spring appears at the beginning of March. But in the northern part, the temperature does not begin to rise until April. As the days get longer, Slovaks, after spending the dark winter cooped up in the warmth of their home, begin to head outside to enjoy the fresh air as much as possible. Furthermore, a lot of events and festivals take place. The first of May is a day celebrated in many municipalities in Slovakia and can be enjoyed in most of the country’s small towns and villages. The highlight of this festivity is the Assembly of the Maypole, which is usually freshly cut from a nearby forest. The landscapes in spring are another attraction worth seeing. The snow is melting and nature comes to life amidst scenery of streams and waterfalls.

Summer in Slovakia

People who enjoy outdoor music festivals will find countless events in Slovakia during the summer. The most popular is the Pohoda Fest, which is organized in July at Trencin airport, about 120km away from Bratislava. It is the largest and most important live music event in Slovakia attracting renowned international artists. Another festival of interest is the Grape Festival, held in the spa town of Piestany for two days. If you are still deciding when to travel to Slovakia and you’d like to get out into nature, summer is the best season to go hiking in the High Tatras. Mountain cabins servicing hikers can be found on the steepest trails. Hiking through this region is a unique experience, but they are physically demanding walks, although very rewarding. Slovakia also offers many opportunities for water sports in its many rivers and lakes. Kayaking, rafting and canoeing are very popular in the country. Another irresistible option is to take a dip in the huge Zlate Piesky Lake complex that is located near Bratislava.

Travel to Slovakia in the Autumn

In autumn the leaves change colour to intense reddish, orange and yellow tones and the temperature begins to drop announcing the approach of the cold winter. It is the best time to enjoy gastronomy such as Slovakian goulash or traditional cabbage soup after a beautiful day of hiking in the forest or in one of the country’s national parks. Indeed, Slovaks are soup lovers and you will find them on the menu of all restaurants. September is the month of the grape harvest and many winemakers offer weekends in their vineyards to celebrate their good harvest. Some wine towns organize festivals on weekends where they serve young wine accompanied by typical Slavic dishes like trdelnik. This is the best time to travel to Slovakia for tourists who want to visit wineries in the southern and central regions of the country. Furthermore, some hotels offer tastings of local wines.

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