5 world tourism day activities around the world

world tourism day

World Tourism Day is celebrated every September 27 since 1979. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has chosen this date to celebrate a day in which the value of this activity is sensitized at a social, economic and cultural level. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the celebration and therefore it is a good time to talk about the activities that will take place on this special date.

Tourism and its digital transformation

The growth of the sector and its digital transformation make this year’s celebration an exceptional framework in which sustainable tourism is promoted. Under conservation and ecologically friendly tourism values ​​that allow us to live a more connected world, but at the same time respect the ecosystems of tourist places.

The tourism sector is one of the sectors that contribute most to world GDP. It is estimated that 10% of this comes from the sector. Therefore, the importance of tourism that goes hand in hand with economic, social and cultural needs. Encouraging cultural exchange and the growth of the countries’ economy.

This day is important then to understand how technology and the shift towards a digital society help the growth of the sector, the economy and the activity as such to combine global technological progress towards a more connected and harmonious world.

Activities on World Tourism Day

Every September, countries, and communities generate activities that encourage sustainable tourism, spreading the importance of tourism and its value to society in cultural, economic, political and social fields.

This year’s world day is a challenge for territorial entities that seek to encourage travellers to know and enjoy their territories.

Cultural Samples

World Tourism Day is an opportunity to show the world the cultural potential of each place. There is no doubt that when you take your tourist trips, something that you take back home, it is always a cultural sample of the place you visit. Therefore, it is common for countries, provinces, and cities to organize events in which they show their culture to the world. Music, dance, folklore is exhibited in the main squares of the world to demonstrate the cultural power that each place has to offer.

A day to visit museums

On this World Tourism Day, everything is worthwhile to encourage the places of attraction of the cities. Museums are part of the activities most carried out by tourists and that is why, in general, municipalities have this day with free tickets to museums. In this way, the history of places can be better known and tourism is supported, as an axis that boosts the economy of the countries.

Connection with nature

This celebration also encourages rapport with our natural environments. That is why other activities to take into account in this World Tourism Day is hiking. Connect with nature and complement your hike in the mountains with other activities such as bird watching.

Forums and workshops

An important part of the celebration of World Tourism Day is the awareness of both the positive and negative impacts that tourism can bring in certain places. That is why it is important to carry out different forums and workshops and to assist them in different parts of the world. In these activities topics such as ecotourism, sustainable tourism, the value of the sector in the economy of society, as well as other factors are discussed.

Gastronomic samples

Another attraction that you can find in these activities are the gastronomic samples that prepare some town halls. Part of the travelling spirit is to understand other cultures, and food plays an important role in knowing the customs of the locals. It is an opportunity to show the best of local cuisine to make your own and visitors fall in love.

The influence of tourism

Being such an important sector, tourism greatly influences different fields of society. Understanding the magnitude of what this represents, we must take into account this world day of tourism to raise awareness of the importance of responsible tourism.

Many of the most visited destinations in the world suffer from the excesses of people who do not understand the importance of respecting the culture and customs of the locals. Knowing, travelling, exploring, is more than just tourism; It is to integrate into societies with cultural differences, respecting the values ​​they represent.

On this world day of tourism, evaluate your impact on the places you visit. We invite you to be a conscious and responsible traveller. Enjoy the activities and get to know each place through its cultural shows, its gastronomy, its history.

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