What to do in Bergen if you go on vacation | 11 essential visits

what to do in bergen

The most important cruise port in Norway is waiting for you to spend the best holidays. What to do in Bergen? Here we will give you a list of places you should visit in the capital of the Norwegian fjords.

Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway and is the most visited. It is located in the valley of the seven mountains and has unimaginable tourist potential. Get lost in this Nordic city and enjoy the spectacular fjords on a unique trip.

What to do in Bergen | 11 things to see

Bergen Cathedral

Unlike other European cathedrals, the Bergen Cathedral will surprise you with its size. This small building is of medieval origin and has had a lot of restructuring over the centuries. To demonstrate the beauty of cemeteries in Norway, this cathedral is surrounded by gardens and gravestones. It is worth visiting on your trip to Bergen. Although you could also visit other very beautiful churches that are in the city, such as the Fantoft church or the Korskirken church.

Bryggen Pier

The first image you’ll have of Bergen is this Pier. Surely the beauty of this set of wooden houses that belonged to the merchants of the Hanseatic League will remain in your memory. Today it is buildings used as shops and tourist services. This is undoubtedly one of the indispensable places to see in Bergen.

Bryggen streets

When you arrive in Bryggen, don’t just stay with the set of colourful houses on the pier. It is important that you enter and know a little more about the site. The alleys will take you on a journey through the history of this place. You will be amazed at the way these wooden houses were built that still stand despite natural disasters such as fires or strong coastal winds.

Bergenhus Fortress and the Rosenkrantz Tower

Not everything is wood in Bergen. You will see it in this which is another of the important places in your list of what to do in Bergen. Bergenhus fortress is one of the best-preserved in Norway. This military complex is made up of many buildings built from the 12th century until even after the Second World War. Visit the Bergenhus Festningsmuseum, the Hakons Hall and the Rosenkrantz Tower. The fortress is located next to the port of Bergen.

Bergen Aquarium

Very close to the city centre there is a place for you to know much more about the marine fauna. The Bergen aquarium has all kinds of marine animals and is focused on the teaching and conservation of these in interactive activities for children.

Bergen Market – Fisketorget

And a coastal city must have very good fish production. That’s why you can’t miss a visit to Fisketorget, the Bergen fish market. In the markets it is in the places where you can best share with the locals and you can also enjoy the best fish from the North Sea.

Bergen Museum and Hanseatic Museum

Museums are always essential places in travel. And within the museums what to see in Bergen we can recommend both the Bergen Museum and the Hanseatic Museum. We assure you that, by visiting these museums, you will be able to understand a little more about the history and culture of the city.


For tourists, this is one of the places that can attract the most attention. This pedestrian street is the centre where visitors can find a number of bars and restaurants. In addition, taking advantage of the large flow of travellers who pass through there, many crafts and small markets open their doors for tourists.

Tourist Office

Maybe you should start at this point. First, because it is a point where you will find all the information you need to discover every corner of the city of Bergen. On the other hand, the beautiful construction represents a jewel of architecture that you cannot miss. Enjoying the local architecture is part of the best travel experiences and that is why we add this building to our list of things to see in Bergen. It is located next to the market square, so you can also interact with the stores that make purchases.

Lungegardsuann Lake

In the centre of Bergen, this beautiful lake is located, which is undoubtedly a unique attraction to visit. You can sit and enjoy the beauty of the scenery that is created around the lake to disconnect from the hectic modern life. Add this lake to your list of what to do in Bergen so you can breathe the tranquillity that is lived in this place.

Floyen Mount

Take the funicular on one of Bergen’s most famous excursions. From this place, you will get the best views of the city. From here you can observe the seven mountains that give the name to the valley where the city is located.

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