The Delights And The Beauty of Jordan

Jordan often flies under the tourist radar on the whole, if it were not for the city of Petra. However, Jordan has plenty to offer tourists and holiday-makers. From the home of the Bedouins to the Dead Sea, this little country has many jewels. So let us show you the many delights of Jordan!


The lost city of Petra, the beauty of Jordan

Petra is what has really put Jordan on the map. The city itself is built into some magnificent cliffs, and it casts a red hue over all of the landscape. The city begins after a long walk through the Siq gorge, when it opens out into Treasury square. From here, you can begin to navigate the remainder of this real beauty of Jordan.

Petra was originally a staging post on the Silk Road to China and India but for reasons unknown, it was abandoned in the twelfth century. It remained a secret until it was discovered by some intrepid Western explorers in the Victorian period. You may recognize it for its appearance in the Indiana Jones movies. Thanks to its largely well-preserved appearance, Petra is really like stepping into another world.

The site is huge and we recommend that you spend two days there to explore this beauty of Jordan fully. You can easily explore on camels or if you prefer, on foot. Petra is particularly magical at night, as the sun sets over the cliffs.  So if you would like to see the nighttime landscape of the city, Exoticca can organize it for you.


The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is another well-known beauty of Jordan and for good reason. The sea is actually an enormous lake, where it is entirely possible to float. The salt levels in the water mean that there is no marine life and the benefits for your skin are plentiful. It is also possible to enjoy a mud bath here. This treatment is well renowned for its health benefits and your skin will be glowing afterward. Many tourists nowadays book spa retreats at hotels right next to the Dead Sea. However, if this is not to your taste, you can visit this ancient beauty of Jordan for the day. Take a book or a newspaper, lay back and relax. You are guaranteed to return to your hotel feeling rested, relaxed and extremely healthy.


Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is something that you cannot miss when visiting Jordan. The area itself is a natural beauty of Jordan, comprising of an enormous desert valley. Just walking around the desert can be an experience in and of itself. From natural bridges to cliffs and deep valleys, Wadi Rum is a wonder. However, it is also famous for being the home of the Bedouins, who are the direct descendants of the Nabateans. The Nabateans are the ancient civilization who built Petra. The Bedouins have lived in Wadi Rum for tens of thousands of years and their culture is fascinating.

Arriving in Wadi Rum can be arranged by either a jeep or by camel. This comes highly recommended as it enables you to view as much of the desert as possible. You can also arrange to share a meal with the Bedouins, as they introduce you to their extremely hospitable culture. If you would like to meet with the Bedouins and enjoy spending some time with them in the authentic beauty of Jordan, Exoticca can organize it for you.



The capital of the country is also a real beauty of Jordan. You will never be short of things to see and do here. To begin with, climb the Jabal Amman, which is the biggest mountain in the city. From here, you can see some terrific views, as well as seeing some of the museums and galleries open on the mountain. The downtown center of Amman is a real delight. From here, you can visit the Grand Hosseini Mosque, the most important place of worship in the city. There are also plenty of cafes, restaurants and markets to while away a few hours. Another beauty of Jordan located in the downtown center is the Citadel. This is one of the world’s oldest inhabited places and was once occupied by the Romans. Due to this, you can see a Herculean temple. Another point of interest is the Umayyad temple, which is still being excavated to this day. If you want to see another architectural beauty of Jordan, make a stop at the Roman amphitheater. It is used as a concert hall today, which gives the performances an added touch.

Aside from all of these cultural gems, Amman also has plenty of wonderful restaurants, museums and shops. Take your time to explore the city and you will find that it may well become your new favorite place to visit.

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