The best beaches in Malaysia that you should visit

best beaches in malaysia

Southeast Asia is one of the most paradisiacal places in the world. A place to has fallen in love with its tropical climate, friendly people, unique destinations and, above all, beaches that could be the living image of paradise on earth. It is not uncommon then, that many of the dream trips desired by the world’s tourists are to this place on our planet. However, within Southeast Asia, there is a place that can offer you the rest you need for your next vacation. Fall in love with the best beaches in Malaysia and discover this country that opens the doors to make your next trip an adventure.

Malaysia has made its way into the tourist world to stop being that little brother that people visit after meeting their most famous relatives, Thailand and Indonesia. All this is changing thanks to the large number and variety of beautiful beaches, places to rest or practice water sports and that can be found in both the Mainland Malaysia and the island of Borneo. The country begins to earn the position it deserves in international tourism, and if you do not think like that, after knowing the best beaches in Malaysia, you’ll surely change your mind.

Best beaches in mainland Malaysia

Perhentians Islands

We told you that getting here was a trip to paradise, literally. On these islands, you will find some of the best beaches in Malaysia. It is about two very close islands that almost touched on its banks. Beaches of white sand, turquoise water of incredible clarity, surrounded by leafy jungles and coral reefs that make the place a real charm. This could be your indicated place if what you are looking for is a relaxed environment, away from civilization, staying in small cabins connected by trails that cross the jungle. A unique and wild place to live an unparalleled vacation.

Tioman Islands

This is a place where you can find a little luxury within the reach of your pocket. Its fame makes it one of the most visited destinations by Malaysians themselves and their neighbors in Singapore. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and the perfect place for diving. Its beautiful beaches with coral reefs make this the right place for scuba diving.

Palau Kapas

A place much visited by backpackers due to its low costs. But not only that, the island of Kapas is surrounded by coral reefs that make their beaches are white sand and turquoise color sea that you will fall in love with just seeing it. It is not an overly visited place so you can enjoy it with tranquility and comfort. Here you could practice snorkeling and enjoy the beautiful view it offers of the marine world.


If what you are looking for is a more adventurous place than the previous ones, or if in one of your days of traveling through Malaysia you want to practice water sports such as surfing, Cherating is a good place to do it. This is a place that seems to have stopped in time, which gives it a particular charm.

Best beaches in Borneo

Tunku Abdul Rahman

Malaysia is a place to explore the jungle, but if you want to rest from those long days of hiking, this is one of the best beaches in Malaysia to rest, sunbathe and snorkel.


Maybe this is one of the most spectacular islands you can find in Malaysia. And although it has a beautiful beach with white sand, the true charm of the island is in its gigantic vertical walls that descend steeply towards the oceanic platform. This makes Sipadan the best place for lovers of scuba diving. This tiny island is the dream of every person who practices and is fond of diving. The underwater world is full of mysteries and this is one of the best places in the world to discover them.

Bonus: The Bako National Park

Although this is a post about the best beaches in Malaysia, we cannot miss the opportunity to tell you about a unique opportunity you will find in this country. The Bako National Park is one of the main attractions of Malaysia for its rich ecosystem of mangroves and tropical forest and the ease of access to it. Located in Borneo, it has a large number of trails that take you through the jungle, so you can enjoy the true Southeast Asia, with a unique flora and fauna sighting in the world.

Fall in love with Malaysia and its tropical paradises, let yourself be seduced by a unique place in the world and enjoy your next trip to these wonderful beaches. And if you want to know much more about Malaysia and Southeast Asia, do not miss the tour of Kuala Lumpur & Bali, Lombok, and Gili.

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