The creepiest abandoned places of the world | You won’t believe it

The creepiest abandoned places of the world | You won't believe it

The passage of time leaves places that many never want to visit again. Some were abandoned by wars, massacres, facilities that were not necessary and many more reasons. The creepiest abandoned places you can find and that have also become tourist destinations for the most curious travelers. Do you want to know them?

The 14 creepiest abandoned places in the world

Belchite, Spain

Belchite is one of those memories that remain of the bloody wars. In this case, they are the ruins of this town, destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. Many myths have formed around this town that is a tourist destination for the curious in Aragon, Spain.

Corbera d’Ebre, Spain

Like Belchite, this town in Catalonia was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. In this case, the bombings by Italian aviation during the battle of the Ebro destroyed practically the entire town. Some facades of what this town remained standing in the middle of the vegetation.

Chapel of the bones, Portugal

We can leave the sadness and pain left by the civil war in Spain to enter places a little more chilling and terrifying. The bone chapel in Portugal receives its name because the remains of more than 5,000 monks rest on its walls. As if that were not enough, to make it more frightening, two bodies hang from the ceiling tied with ropes.

Bodie, United States

Bodie is one of the best-known abandoned places in the world. The gold rush caused many mines to be created and surrounding mining towns like this. Now abandoned, the legend says that there are many ghosts that protect him. Therefore, be careful if you want to take something from there.

Humberstone, Chile

Another abandoned mine is in one of the aridest places in the world. To the north of Chile, this mine has a terrible history. During the Pinochet dictatorship in the South American country, it served as a concentration camp where conditions were subhuman.

Oradour-Sur-Glane, France

This small town remains intact since it was abandoned in 1944. Due to the Nazi invasion and massacre, most of its population died. Today tourists walk silently through its streets as a symbol of respect and rejection of the cruelty of the Nazi occupation.

Kolmanskop, Namibia

Namibia is known for its Savannah, Safari and Sand Dunes. However, an abandoned mine due to the depreciation of diamonds after World War I attracts a lot of attention. The desert sand has invaded the houses making it a place visited by tourists.

Hashima Island, Japan

At some point, this was the most densely populated island on Earth. 5,000 workers lived on this tiny island, a mining facility. The cement buildings today crumble as they have been abandoned since 1974.

Dolls Island, Mexico

This island has a very peculiar history that makes it one of the creepiest abandoned places you can visit. In Xochimilco, Mexico City, Julián Santana Barrera lived in isolation, as a hermit. Legend has it that at some point he saw a girl drowning in the river, so he began to hang dolls on the island to avoid the spirit.

Prípiat, Ukraine

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986 made this city of about 50,000 inhabitants completely empty. For many, it is a symbol of distrust of the government. Time stopped in this place because all the clocks were left without operation due to the force of the tragedy.

St. George’s Church, Czech Republic

This place will give you chills. For something, it is one of the creepiest abandoned places in the world. The church was abandoned in 1968 by the fall of the roof during a funeral. However, artist Jakub Hadrava added his terrifying touch to the site. Ghost-shaped sculptures make this abandoned church a scary place.

City of the Dead, Russia

This is a peculiar case, then, what looks like a beautiful village is actually a scary place. In the distance, you can see a small village with about 100 beautiful stone houses on a very green hill. Actually, these are crypts full of bones. Not everything is as it seems, and this place goes from looking like a fairytale village to a scary graveyard in less than nothing.

Parma Psychiatric Hospital, Italy

Psychiatric hospitals can be real places of horror. What many people have suffered there, makes these sites turn into dark buildings. Much more if you have the enthusiasm of an artist that makes everything even worse. Shadow-shaped paintings were added by artist Herbert Baglione. These shadows represent the tortured souls in this place that still roam the halls

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