Interesting facts about Cuba

Best Caribbean Islands

Best Caribbean islands to visit on vacation


The best Caribbean islands offer unlimited sunshine, tropical landscapes and to-die-for beaches. As a region, the Caribbean is an eternally popular vacation destination. After all, who could turn down the earthly paradise of these sunkissed isles? From the vibrant culture and musical heritage of Jamaica to the immense history of...

How to travel without leaving your home: Cuba

How to travel without leaving your home: Cuba


This month there’s only one place to be: indoors. However, that doesn’t mean that your craving for wanderlust needs to go on hold. Follow our steps on how to travel without leaving your home to savour the culture of foreign climes. After giving you a glimpse into other Latin American...

where to travel in January

Where to travel in January

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There are many recommended places to travel to in January. Great trips are not reserved for just the summer. Although for many, January is the month in which we leave the Christmas holidays behind with some sadness, and we resign ourselves to spending the weekends at home wrapped in a...

When is the best time to visit Cuba

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If you still don’t know when to travel to Cuba, what you most need to keep in mind to choose your dates is the climate. With two main seasons and a tropical climate, Cuba is one of the favourite tourism destinations in the world. The best time to travel to...


10 vacations for over 60s that you will never forget


The golden age comes to many with everything necessary to enjoy the best trips of our lives. Time and will, that desire to want to explore the world after so many years of hard-working. We get a moment of deserved rest and for those who have the time available and...

Iconic experiences in Cuba you must try


Cuba remains one of the most intriguing countries in the world. From vintage cars that drive down colonial streets to bustling nightlife in the city, Cuba has to be seen to be believed. There are many experiences in Cuba, all of them spectacular. Join us on a list of the...