Retirement vacations: 7 best trips for seniors

Senior tours

What are trips for seniors and why should I take one? Don’t be put off by the name, a senior tour is simply a trip designed for the more experienced traveller! Many of us reach a certain age before we discover our love of travel. Without the responsibilities of family and career, our ‘Golden Years’ are some of the best years to get out and explore the world! Perhaps you’ve recently retired and are looking to dive deeper into your passion for travel? Alternatively, you could still be working but want to plan a grown-up getaway for your next vacation? Retirement trips are all about ticking those big sights off of your list. From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to tropical archipelagos, with age comes adventure! Here are just a few of the best retirement holiday ideas to consider when a simple beach break just won’t cut the mustard!

Safari in the Maasai Mara, Kenya

Maasai Mara African safaris senior tours

Wildlife lover? Look no further than a safari trip to kick off your retirement years in style! No longer need you ‘rough it’ to experience the majesty and serenity of the savannah. Nowadays, luxury safari experiences are widely available, letting you traverse the wilds of Africa whilst staying in comfort in luxury tented camps and lodges. Of all the safari destinations, why choose the Maasai Mara? Simply put, the Maasai Mara is Kenya’s top wildlife-viewing destination and is also the scene of the annual Great Migration. Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to spot all of the ‘Big Five’ and experience vibrant Maasai culture first-hand. Surely one of the most exciting senior tours to consider after retirement?

Cherry Blossom Season, Japan

Japan in Spring

A bucket list would be incomplete without sakura season in Japan! Every spring, the landscapes of Japan bloom with delicate cherry blossom flowers. This is a time of celebration and community and a beautiful thing to witness as a traveller! So, for a far-east adventure, a senior tour to Japan in the springtime is the perfect plan! Furthermore, foodies will find it difficult to turn down the chance of dining on exquisite Japanese cuisine!

Tuscany Wine Tour, Italy

Trips for seniors: Tuscany

One of the better things to come with age is a more refined palette. Not any old bottle of wine will do, and rightly so! Why not combine your love of great wine and travel with a wine tour of the picturesque Italian region of Tuscany? Whether you opt for a stay in a Tuscan farmhouse or simply take a day trip from the Tuscan capital of Florence, this region is a popular senior tour location. Nothing says romance like good food, great wine and gorgeous landscapes, making this one unmissable couple’s retirement vacation to consider for your next trip!

Eastern Australia

Australia - trips for seniors

Have a little more time on your hands these days?  A long-haul trip to Australia is often something travellers save until their Golden Years. A trip of this distance requires a little more time, but once retirement comes there’s no excuse to follow your dreams of an adventure Downunder! Indeed, the East Coast of Australia is home to some of the country’s top destinations: Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne and Brisbane to name a few. With incredible weather, beautiful landscapes and top sporting venues, Australia is an eternally popular destination for senior tours.

Golden Triangle, India

Taj Mahal, India - senior tours

Jaipur, Delhi, Agra: three incredible destinations to visit on one unforgettable Golden Triangle tour! When it comes to trips for seniors, a tour of Northern India’s Golden Triangle is one of the most popular experiences! Whether you’re looking to get in touch with your spiritual side in India’s incredible temples, want to experience the mouth-watering flavours of Indian cuisine or simply tick the Taj Mahal off your bucket list, a Golden Triangle tour is a must-do! From Delhi’s historic monuments to Jaipur’s romantic palaces and Agra’s wonder of the world, this trip is perfect for those looking to experience the essence of India.

Southeast Asia Tour

Angkor Wat Senior trips

Always dreamt of floating on the tranquil waters of Ha Long Bay or watching the sunset over the ancient temples of Angkor Wat? A tour of Southeast Asia is a tantalizing adventure worth saving until your retirement years! Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are among the most popular countries to include on a Southeast Asia Tour. Many holidays for retired singles head to this part of the world but the region is equally well-suited for a couple or solo trip. From glistening temples and authentic spirituality to friendly locals and incredible historic sights, there’s something for everyone.

Nile River Cruise, Egypt

Temple of Karnak tourist attractions in Egypt

Always been fascinated by the Ancient Egyptians? Your retirement years are the perfect time to indulge your passions and what better way to dive into your love of history than a cruise down the eternal river Nile in Egypt! From visiting the iconic Valley of the Kings to following in the footsteps of the pharaohs at the Temple of Luxor, this is the kind of trip that’s sure to ignite your imagination! Furthermore, a cruise is one of the most comfortable ways to explore a region.

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