Havelock: an unknown paradise in India


There are still a few places on the planet where you can really get lost, escape from the world, be isolated and adapt to an ancestral way of life whilst enjoying an authentic earthly paradise of crystal clear waters and coral reefs. The island of Havelock is one of those rare places.

Where is Havelock

The first thing we have to do is to place Havelock on the map, Havelock is a small island of the Andaman Islands that belong to India. Same as its neighbor, Nicobar. They are located at 1,200 km. From the continent. And they are part of the crest of a submerged mountain range that crosses the Bay of Bengal between Myanmar and Indonesia. Most of these islands are natural reserves where access or anchoring is not allowed.

Some of these islands are tribal reserves where the aborigines that inhabit them remain anchored in prehistory. As a result, some of them still practice cannibalism with other rival tribes or with anyone who dares to enter their territory. After the 2006 Tsunami, a helicopter approached one of these tribal islands to assess the damage and was greeted with arrows. The images were broadcasted on TV networks around the world.

Why recommend this destiny if such dangers await there? We are talking about a real paradise and all you need to do is take some precautions. Do not enter the jungle and you´ll be safe. This is the same piece of advice that you will get when visiting some of the most touristic areas in Mexico, for example. Common sense is the best tool when traveling abroad.

How to arrive at Havelock

There are daily flights from Calcutta and Chennai to Port Blair, capital of the Andaman Islands. Intrepid travelers can also arrive by boat from the continent if they have sailing experience and time. If you do so,  take water and food for the journey. Once in Port Blair, you have to embark on a ferry to Havelock. While on board,  stay on the deck to enjoy the unforgettable landscapes during the four-hour journey to ‘the island of love’. This is Havelock.

What to do in Havelock

Just relax and enjoy. Eat their exquisite mangoes (famous throughout India) picking them directly from the tree, mix with their extremely hospitable inhabitants, dive on its reefs, surf on its beaches, ride an elephant, join the parties that take place every night.

Radhanagar Beach, a jewel in Havelock Island

To get to Radhanagar beach you need to take a motorbike or a rickshaw. Then, just leave your transportation at the end of the road, where a few fruit and craft stalls await you. Continuing walking along a path that gives access to the beach. You will feel how the gentle breeze caresses while smelling the salty scent of the sea. Palm trees and shrubs will not allow you to see the immense curve of white sand that you will discover just a bit later on. When you leave the path it will seem that the time stops there and then. You will be in front of a set of incomparable beauty,  an authentic earthly paradise.

You will need to walk a couple of kilometers along the seaside, heading north, to reach some of the most exciting corners of the beach. Don´t be scared, the stroll will not be boring or feel too long. You will see how hundreds of hermits run away from you to hide in their dens. Locals and tourists from the Indian continent will smile and greet you as you go. You will be surprised to see women bathing in their warm waters dressed in their precious silk saree. When you find a place you feel comfy enough, just stop, sit and enjoy.

Some precautions need to be taken here, though. This beach is famous for its strong currents and waves. Do not stray from the shore and if you want to swim, provide some fins. At night many dogs walk through the sand, not usually aggressive but keep in mind that the Indians treat them very badly because they believe they are the reincarnation of evil people. It does not hurt to carry a stick to scare them away in case any of them behaves aggressively.

Gita Restaurant

To finish your day, try this restaurant. It the best place to taste the typical delicacies of the island at a really incredible price. A tiny box of wood and metal and a couple of tables with plastic chairs are the whole restaurant furniture. Get comfortable, fit your chair and your table, as they always limp. You will enjoy a whole dinner for less than 1 Euro.

If you find that Havelock is a place you would really enjoy visiting, call us. Or have a look at other places to see in India. In Exoticca we are committed to showing you the most wonderful places on earth. And Havelock is just one of them.




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