23 curiosities of Dubai | Discover the city of gold

curiosities of Dubai

Dubai is one of the places that can surprise you the most. A completely different world, between luxury, gold, and extravagances. Here you can find people with a lot of money walking with wild animals as pets. As well as being in a building where the day lasts longer than in the rest of the city because of its altitude. Do you want to know more information about the city that everyone wants to know? Wrap yourself in a luxury trip to discover these curiosities of Dubai.

23 curiosities of Dubai | Discover the city of gold

Basic information

Foreign population: Only 15% of the population in Dubai is born in the United Arab Emirates.

What language do they speak in Dubai? Arabic is the official language. However, English has become the second language due to the large immigration.

The safest city in the world: Dubai is a city where crime or public order problems are virtually non-existent. The number of crimes is very close to zero and tolerance allows no intercultural conflicts. That’s why you could have a trip to Luxury Dubai & Rajasthan.

Free creed: Being a cosmopolitan place, there are no problems here and it is very tolerant of different creeds place. Religions coexist in a respectful and safe way. That is why you can find Christian churches, Hindu temples, Jewish synagogues, or Muslim mosques very close to each other.

Polygamy is allowed: Men may have several women; however, they must meet certain requirements. The man must offer each of his women the same luxuries, the same money and be able to maintain them equally.

Drinking license: Being a Muslim country, alcohol is prohibited. However, due to the diversity of cultures, you can apply for a license to buy and consume alcohol.

You do not want to have public displays of affection: Be careful with caresses or with passionate kisses. Maybe they bother your public displays of affection and you could end up in jail.

Public transportation

A luxury metro: Not only is it a luxury subway with VIP cars, but it was also built in record time. In 2009 it was built in only 18 months.

Taxis for women: This is one of the strange curiosities of Dubai. There are taxis with a pink roof that are exclusive for the use of the feminine gender.

Bus stops with air conditioning: Can you imagine something like that in your city for the days of intense summer? Well, in Dubai you will find that the bus stops are very well equipped for the comfort of citizens and tourists.

A conditioned city: In addition to bus stops with air conditioning, it is planned to make a whole city covered, much cooler.

The largest airport in the world: The Dubai International Airport is the largest airport in the world. It is the airport with the largest cargo capacity and passengers. Everything a luxury city need.

There are no addresses or zip codes: Locating in Dubai will be a bit complicated. Here there are no directions, so when you want to go somewhere, you usually get the directions on a map or they tell you it is a few meters from a mosque.

Curiosities of Dubai in a big way

Burj Khalifa: The tallest building in the world. With 828 meters this skyscraper has become an icon of extravagance in the emirate. It’s so big that it takes four months to clean their windows.

The largest shopping center in the world: It is not enough for you to have the largest building or the airport with the greatest capacity. Dubai also has the largest shopping center in the world, the Dubai Mall. With 1200 shops and restaurants that are waiting for the richest visitors on the planet.

The whole world in Dubai:The World‘ is a set of artificial islands with the shape of the world map.

Palm Jumeirah: The artificial palm-shaped island is really giant. This island could accommodate 100,000 people.

From 1990 to 2019: This is one of the curiosities of Dubai that most surprise. In 1990 there was only one skyscraper, today there are more than 400.

Ski slope in the middle of the desert: A ski slope inside a shopping center!

A city of gold, a luxury trip

The city of gold: Dubai is the place where gold is sold the most.

Gold ATMs: You will find a couple of these on the street. You can get gold at ATMs.

Police in Ferrari: Here the police officers have luxury cars.

Burj Al Arab: Dubai is one of the most expensive and luxurious destinations in the world. Some of the best hotels in the world are located here and the Burj Al Arab is perhaps the most famous. The only 7-star hotel in the world.

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