The best beaches in Brazil | Aren’t you going to visit them?

Best beaches in Brazil

Brazil is synonymous with beach, sea, and party. Undoubtedly, thinking about visiting Brazil leads us to think about enjoying many beaches. Being the largest country in South America and with more than 7000 kilometers of coasts. Brazil is a paradise for lovers of life at sea. Here we bring you the best beaches in Brazil. You do not want to miss any, do you?

If you want to enjoy this paradise, with tropical temperatures, and fantastic places all year round, let’s go for it.

The best beaches in Brazil to relax

If you are looking for a lot of tranquility, peace and connect with nature, these are our favorite beaches.

Jericoacoara – Ceará

Far from the big cities and very connected with nature. This beach is in an area of environmental preservation, so the hotel capacity is minimal.

This is a place of difficult access, but its transparent waters and white sand will make you feel in paradise. Jericoacoara is perhaps the one that best preserves its natural state from our selection of beaches. So, do not miss the opportunity to get to know this beautiful place.

Praia do Carneiros – Pernambuco

The name of this beach means sheep in Portuguese. It is given by the foam of the waves when hitting the coral barriers. This is another natural area, which is very difficult to reach, and which has very little hotel infrastructure. However, its warm and calm waters, the white sand, and its turquoise color will make you forget all the inconveniences to get here. Worth it? Absolutely!

Praia do Campeche – Florianópolis

Continuamos con nuestra selección de playas para descansar en Brasil. Esta playa se encuentra en la isla de Florianópolis, estado de Santa Catarina, en el sur de Brasil. Esta es un área protegida que solo está abierta durante 4 horas al día. Es una zona bastante turística, por lo que la infraestructura es muy buena. En la zona se pueden encontrar playas tranquilas y playas con grandes olas para surfear. Esta sería una opción ideal si desea combinar su descanso con una buena dosis de deportes acuáticos.

Baia do Golfinhos – Rio Grande do Norte

This beautiful beach is in the town of Pipa, near Natal. Like most of the best beaches in Brazil, you can enjoy the white sand, turquoise sea and surround by green nature.

This is a perfect place to breathe peace. It is not a very visited beach, so the infrastructure is minimal. Enjoy a natural beach, surrounded by rocky walls, green landscape and within the sea, the company of jumping and playful dolphins.

Morro do Sao Paulo – Bahía

The best for the end. This is one of the favorite places for backpackers. The reason? Tranquility circulates here in an indescribable way. Located on the island of Tinharé, in a place where there are not even cars. Give yourself the pleasure of resting and enjoying the blue waters that bathe the beaches of Brazil.

The best beaches in Brazil to enjoy as a family

Tranquility, swimming with fish, calm and crystal-clear waters, in addition to practicing snorkeling. The indicated beaches to spend with your family.

Praia do Forno – Estado de Rio de Janeiro

At 150 kilometers from Rio, Praia do Forno is an ideal place to swim in turquoise waters, calm and in the company of small colorful fish. The right place for families. To get here, you must use the ferry that takes you from Arraial do Cabo in a trip of only 5 minutes.

Praia do Farol – Estado de Rio de Janeiro

It is located on an island in Cabo Frio in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The island just a few meters from the mainland keeps in Praia do Farol a beautiful place with white sand and crystal-clear waters.

Praia do Maragogi – Alagoas

As in the whole northern part of Brazil, these beaches could be considered as the Brazilian Caribbean. That speaks very well of its beauty. However, the great potential of Praia do Maragogi are the natural pools of Galés, formed by coral reefs. This is the right place for snorkeling and discover the wonders of the marine world.

The most famous beaches in Brazil

One of them is perhaps the most famous beach in the world … The other one is perhaps the most beautiful. Would you like to go?

Copacabana – Río de Janeiro

Maybe this is the most famous beach in the world. It is one of the first images that comes to mind when you think of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. An immense beach in the middle of one of the largest cities in Brazil, Rio.

Only because of his great fame you should go there. However, being so famous, it will be very busy on high season weekends.

Baia do Sancho – Fernando de Noronha

Without a doubt one of the best beaches in Brazil. Located on the island of Fernando de Noronha 360 km from the Brazilian coast, this beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The turquoise waters, the tranquility that is breathed and the exuberant marine life of this place are ideal for your rest and to practice snorkeling.

On the island you will find many other beaches that are worth knowing, however, our recommended is Baia do Sancho.

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