Interesting facts about Namibia

When is the time to visit Namibia

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In general, the best time to travel to Namibia is during the dry season, which goes from the months of April to November.  From December to March, during the rainy season, although it is the low tourist  season, it’s best not to visit the country since you won’t be able...

creepiest abandoned places

The creepiest abandoned places of the world | You won’t believe it


The passage of time leaves places that many never want to visit again. Some were abandoned by wars, massacres, facilities that were not necessary and many more reasons. The creepiest abandoned places you can find and that have also become tourist destinations for the most curious travelers. Do you want...

best safaris in Africa

5 Best Safaris in Africa


Searing plains dotted with spritely gazelle, earth-shaking grey giants, and majestic lions reclining under acacia trees –  safari excursions are a dream escape for any true lover of nature. Millions around the globe flock to Africa every year to see the “Big Five” of lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and Cape...