The hottest places on Earth: don’t take chances on the weather

the hottest places on Earth

It has taken some time, but we can finally say it: Summer is here and most of us want it to be warm, even hot. We love beaches, the sand, having mojitos under a big umbrella and getting a tan to be envied. The sun is on top of the most wanted list and we don’t want to a cloud that might interrupt its shinning. To avoid so, we will here disclose a list of the hottest places on Earth. Sun and high temperatures guaranteed. Although you may not always find a sea to refresh yourself. It might be overdoing it a little bit. But if you don´t want to take any chances, these are the places to visit to get a proper tan.

Desert of Lut, Iran

The Lut desert is one of the hottest and driest places on the planet. Although its ambient temperature is not so high, the surface of the soil can reach 158 degrees, which makes it an impossible place to put your foot on. If you decide to visit this place, make sure you are back before 10 in the morning. In any case, it is worth it to get a local guide and drive to the hottest place on Earth. You will be surprised when you see a cold river coming out from the ground. And the lunar landscapes are absolutely astonishing.

Flaming Mountains, China

The Flaming Mountains of the Chinese province of Xinjiang are also one of the hottest places on Earth. The average temperature during the summer or around 158 degrees. In any case, you can enjoy the landscape. The mountains get reddish, orange and magenta depending on the light. The flaming effect is due to the action of a volcano. The wash drew the hills and time and wind have eroded it even more.  The result is no less than spectacular.

Wadi Halfa, Sudan

In this northern city of Sudan, the average temperature during the summer is 122 degrees in the shade. You can enjoy the Nasser Lake and the Assuan dam in this city. Important archaeological rests have been recently found. So, if you feel like a modern Indiana Jones, you might be able to join one of the excavations as a volunteer. You can also cross the lake in a Ferry or visit the Nubian desert. 

Timbuktu, Mali

The months of April, May and June are the hottest of the year. During this season the average temperature during the day exceeds 129 degrees. We could have mentioned Timbuktú when we wrote about the most spiritual places to travel, but we have kept the destination for now, as it really is one of the hottest places on Earth. Once occupied by the French, Timbuktu used to be a spiritual centre. If you visit it now, you will find pyramids, temples and very narrow sand streets.

Kebili, Tunisia

The average temperature of Kebili is 133 degrees. The main concern of its inhabitants is to keep their water. They dress covering their bodies in order to keep their body temperature as low as possible and to sustain a good hydration level. We are talking about an oasis. Therefore, a place to experience the solitude of the desert whilst enjoying the civilisation. You can do a camel tour, but will have to get up really early, as the thermometer tends to go mad after 7 in the morning.

Death Valley, United States

Death Valley was once the only route to reach California when travelling form The US East coast. Back in the 1030s, when the famous Route 66 was built, drivers didn´t have the funniest times when crossing the desert.  It reaches 13o degrees easily and there are no shadows to use as shelter. The highest temperature recorded here is 138. Which makes Death Valley the top 1 in our list of hottest places on Earth. If you are an adventurous traveller and want to put you and your car to the test, make sure you carry enough gas, water and mobile coverage. Just in case.

Badlands, Australia

The so-called Badlands are desert lands in the Queensland region of Australia. There, in the middle of nowhere, temperatures can reach 150 degrees. In the area, there is almost no shadow, so the sun rays fall directly on the desolate land. There are even people who believe that the area it is haunted as many violent crimes have had the Australian Badlands as a backdrop.

We would recommend to chose more tempered destinations to enjoy the Summer. But the choice is yours. We are here to help you organise your trip. Please, contact us if you need further information about the hottest places on Earth or any of our more accessible destinations. We love exotic travelling and have a large experience in Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Oceania. Call us!

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