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Christmas is well and truly over and the long wait for summer begins. Yes, this time of year is a slog; yet, there is a tried and tested remedy: a holiday. So, why not escape the drudgery of winter with one of our cheap holiday deals? 

Peru: the land of the Incas 

Peru the land of the Incas

Peru is an explosion of Andean culture, overwhelming natural beauty and pioneering gastronomy. OK, A trip to Latin America may seem like a destination for backpackers; however, our cheap holiday deals deliver the magic of Peru without having to rough it.

Start your adventure in the trendy neighbourhoods of Lima – the home of stellar restaurants serving fresh, zesty bowls of ceviche. After a few days here, head inland to the Cuzco to bargain in the buzzing markets. Further your understanding of Andean life with a wander through its hectic squares.

Fortunately, this high-altitude region isn’t all hustle and bustle. A short drive 12 miles north takes you to the tranquil Sacred Valley. A visit to these slopes gives an amazing insight into life before the arrival of the Spanish. 

Of course, no trip to Peru is complete without scaling the subtropical highlands of Machu Picchu. Reach the famous viewpoint peppered with local llamas, before gazing at this city in the clouds. Once you’ve drunk in the landscape, step back in time through stone corridors leading to sacrificial stones.

China: the kingdom of Cathay

China the luxury kingdom of Cathay

Our cheap holiday deals to the land of magical bays and bustling cities are a perfect antidote for the January blues. Starting in the Capital of Beijing, this adventure is teeming with Oriental gems. Naturally, these include travel bucket list stalwarts such as the Great Wall of China, and the 8,000-strong army of Terracotta Warriors. Yet, you’d be forgiven for overlooking the fairy-tale landscapes of Yangshuo. Dotted with over 2,000 peaks and 16 rivers, this vibrant landscape surprises and astounds. Float downriver to see water buffalos, and fishermen passing by on bamboo rafts. 

Finally, bring your trip to a close in Shanghai. This commercial hub masterfully blends China’s intriguing past with its pioneering present.

Madagascar: the land of the baobabs

The avenue of the baobabs

Famed for its outstanding biodiversity, Madagascar is literally one-of-a-kind. Its landscapes flow from desolate plains dotted with baobab trees, to lush tropical havens brimming with lemurs. 

Our trip begins in the vibrant capital of Antananarivo, before heading north to the quaint clay houses of Antsirabe. After, take a drive to the Avenue of the Baobabs. These giants dotting the dusty plains are Madagascan icons; some trees are over 800 years old. Lastly, end your adventure in Ranomafana National Park. Pulsating with wildlife and natural hot springs, this park puts jungle-themed spas to shame. 

Recently this destination’s popularity has skyrocketed, and also grabbed a spot on our list of the best destinations of 2020. Check our post on the top things to do in Madagascar to see what all the fuss is about.

Kenya: the magic of the Masai Mara

great migration

Gazing at searing plains dotted with spritely gazelle and earth-shaking grey giants is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Millions flock to Africa every year to see the Big Five. Yes, we are somewhat spoilt for choice when it comes to safaris; however, Kenya has long led the pack.  

We follow up this breathtaking safari with a few blissful days on the pristine sands of Diani Beach – not a bad combo for a cheap holiday deal.

Still stuck for ideas on where to go in 2020? Or just too difficult to choose? Our fantastic range of multi-centre holidays might just be the answer. 

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