5 cheap destinations to travel in October with your friends

cheap destinations

If you prefer to work during the summer and have holidays later on the year, welcome to the list of the best cheap destinations for October. You will find options for all tastes and pockets. From beautiful beaches that are usually crowded in summer to places with the best climate, passing through the biggest festivals in the world, let yourself be guided by our October recommendations.

1. Morocco

If you are looking for cheap destinations, October is an ideal month to plan a trip to Morocco. This country of North Africa will give you pleasant temperatures, ideal for exploring its citadels, bazaars, fortresses, medinas and even the desert. The maximum temperatures in Marrakech are around 25ºC on average. So they are perfect for a stroll through the Jemaa el-Fnaa square and discover a bustling city, full of hustlers, storytellers and snake charmers.

If you have time to get to know Morocco thoroughly, we recommend that you spend a night among the dunes of the desert. The best-known area is the Erg Chegaga Valley. On the other hand, the temperature of the sea throughout this month is around 24ºC, perfect for a late dip. You could evaluate the possibility of visiting the village of Mirleft, in the old Spanish Sahara. The weather is nice, the air is clean and the views are magnificent. The beach of Marabout is the most spectacular of the half dozen that Mirleft offers.


2. Iceland

Enjoy this Nordic country before the long, dark nights of winter swallow the sunlight completely. The days of October are long enough to fill them knowing the city that never sleeps, Reykjavik. Apart from the fact that October is the least crowded month for tourism, it is also the one that marks the beginning of the ‘season of lights’ in northern Europe. During the first month of autumn, the northern lights make their expected return in the skies of Iceland. Spend your October holidays in this volcanic country and hunt these magical and elusive lights. Also, travelling in October to Iceland will allow you to explore the mountaintops before they become inaccessible due to the winter snows. For example, the wooded valley of Thor, Þórsmörk, is the best place to spend a day in October touring this fascinating land. Nature, landscapes and outdoor activities make Iceland one of the best cheap destinations in the world.


3. Lviv, Ukraine

Visit Lviv, in eastern Ukraine, where wine flows in abundance. Lviv is a town with a strong wine tradition. In the seventeenth century, the surroundings of the city were covered with vineyards that produced more than a hundred barrels of wine per year for monasteries in the area. The Wine and Cheese Festival is a fantastic opportunity not only to taste good wine in the open air but also to discover the folklore of this land. From October 19 to 21 You have no excuse.


4. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Nowhere in the world is Day of the Dead celebrated like in Mexico. If you are a fan of the imaginary that surrounds this celebration, head for San Miguel de Allende. The city celebrates La Calaca, a festival that colours its streets with art and music. During the day you will be entertained with interactive art installations, creative workshops, and tours by cemeteries and traditional altars. And when the sun goes down, the costumes and masks will dominate the streets until dawn.

Although the festivities begin on the 1st and end on the 4th of November, to arrive on time you will have to fly in October. Also, before getting into the party of the dead, we recommend that you take advantage of your October holidays to visit its colonial jewels and historic churches, such as Santa Cruz del Chorro. And do not forget that Mexico is also known by its amazing Mayan ruins. Make the most of your October holidays visiting them also.


5. Thailand

October is a perfect month to fly cheaply to Thailand before the high season arrives and the prices of flights and hotels start to skyrocket. Thailand also celebrates the end of the rainy season with the Buddhist festival of Awk Phansa. Thai Buddhists commemorate the day when Buddha returned from heaven offering food and visiting the temples. Some coastal towns build bamboo boats and decorate them with lights. The procession of the people of Thailand with candles is an experience that you will not easily forget. October is an excellent month to explore the rice fields of the north and northeast of the country where the green shines. But there is much more to see in Thailand than this festival. Make a complete itinerary to know the country in depth.

Of course, what are cheap destinations and what are not depends on each person’s budget. But these five countries are certainly affordable. Consider them to travel in October and contact us to help with the trip.

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