What to pack for holiday? | 7 essential things to bring with you


One of the things that make us the most time to prepare trips is to organize the suitcase. Having to think about what to wear and always stay with the feeling that we forget something important. Therefore, it is usually very useful to prepare a list of things, which serves as a guide and makes the task much easier. Here we will tell you some essential things to add to the list of what to pack for holiday.

The first thing I should think about before packing my travel suitcase. What to pack for holiday?

Before starting to put things inside the suitcase, it is worth thinking about what type of luggage suits us for the trip we are going to make. Depending on the destination, the transport we are going to use, the temperature we will meet, the restrictions of the airlines or our interests according to the way we like to travel.

Take note of these tips to know what to carry in your suitcase and go travelling with peace of mind and security.

Appropriate clothing

To pack well, carry what you normally wear, not what you would like to wear and have not dared before using. Going comfortable is important and it is not the time to experiment. A good trick to make luggage is to make sets of clothes, that is, to wear clothes that combine with each other so that you do not stop putting something on because it does not combine. Thus, if you are only going to travel a few days, you can make daily sets using several articles several days. If it is a long trip, load with shirts, knickers, dresses, skirts or shoes that can combine well with each other. Also, think that laundries exist all over the world and that clothes can be washed and thus avoid going very heavy.

Electronic equipment

Here we will talk about those teams that have become part of everyday life and that require certain things to use. So do not forget to put in your suitcase the charger for the camera, laptop, and cell phone and if necessary, an external battery. And remember to check before leaving if it is necessary to carry an adapter according to the type of the plug of the place you will visit.

Remember that electronic equipment must be very well packed, to avoid damage. Good advice is to carry them in your handbag or in a suitable backpack to protect them. And so, do not check these items in the hold baggage. If you have no choice but to carry some of them inside the suitcase, remember to put them in the heart of the luggage, surrounded by clothes that can mitigate any impact. Your electronic staff is one of the most important things in the list of what to pack for holiday.

Basic prevention kit

It is always necessary to carry a small first aid kit when you travel, to face small unforeseen events. Keep in mind that if you do not check luggage you cannot carry liquids of more than 100 ml or scissors. We recommend some pain reliever, bandages, antihistamines, antibiotics, mosquito spray if you take medication for specific control of any disease, take enough for the trip, sunscreen, moisturizer in case of sunburn.

Accessories that can be very helpful

Front light, Eye mask, Headphones, Reusable water bottle, Book / Kindle (try some of these Travel books that will inspire you and will bring you the adventure), Snacks, padlock, and plugs.

Money and cards

Remember that some hotels and car rentals ask for a credit card as a guarantee, and you never know when an unforeseen event appears.

Toilet bag with travel kit and liquids kit

Although in many hotels they offer it, it is better to be prepared according to what you need for your hygiene. Among them: toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizer, soap, etc.

Passport and documentation

Remember to verify the required documentation. And have the documents in order to have no problems at the time of the trip.

Some tricks to reduce weight

  • Store clothes in packing cubes. In these cases, you can store your things classified. So, you avoid chaos in your suitcase and you can carry everything in an organized way.
  • Some flip flops that you can use for the shower and to go for a walk or go to the beach.
  • Microfiber towel, they are very useful because they take up very little space, dry very well, and dry quickly.
  • A folding bag or backpack that you can fold and store easily. To use in case you need to rearrange luggage.
  • A versatile thin long-sleeved shirt, or a handkerchief that protects your arms from the sun, or that may be useful in case of an unexpected temperature change.
  • If you travel only with hand luggage, carry the bulkiest with you while you are in the transport. For example: if you go to a cold destination you could carry the coat outside and with the larger footwear so that it does not occupy so much volume in the suitcase.

Here are some tips that will help you know what to pack for holiday. Now it only remains to prepare the suitcase. And have a good trip!

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