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Best Caribbean Islands

Best Caribbean islands to visit on vacation


The best Caribbean islands offer unlimited sunshine, tropical landscapes and to-die-for beaches. As a region, the Caribbean is an eternally popular vacation destination. After all, who could turn down the earthly paradise of these sunkissed isles? From the vibrant culture and musical heritage of Jamaica to the immense history of...

Best places to travel in January

Best places to travel in January to beat the winter blues!


Are you searching for the best places to travel in January? We all know this time of year can be tough when you live in the northern hemisphere. On the one hand, the festivities of the Christmas season are over and on the other, sunlight is in short supply! Therefore,...

Affordable tropical vacations

Affordable tropical vacations to put on your bucket-list!


Looking for the best affordable tropical vacations? Sometimes the only anecdote to our busy lives is the promise of palm-fringed beaches and crystal-clear waters! If you feel the need to escape to a far-flung corner of the world, our pick of cheap tropical vacations is sure to inspire your wanderlust....

best places to visit in Central America

Best places to visit in Central America


It can be difficult to choose the best places to visit in Central America, as the region is home to an array of sights and natural wonders. Central America boasts a great climate and rich biodiversity. This region is situated between Mexico, to the north, and Colombia, to the south....

When is the best time to visit Panama

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We could say that the best time to travel to Panama is really at any time of the year.  The only thing you need to bear in mind is that outside of the dry season (from December to April), it can rain quite a lot. When to travel to Panama...