A tour through the most spectacular Philippine islands

The Philippine islands are famous for their natural beauty. Indeed, one of the most famous of these was recently voted the most beautiful island in the world. The islands have been in the headlines recently for a series of natural disasters, but this should not put you off. The Philippines are a treasure trove of beaches, crystal clear waters and tropical landscapes. Better yet, the Philippines have yet to be inundated with international tourists. With a warm, humid climate that has the power to relax you, try visiting the Phillippine islands for your next holiday destination. By taking a step off the beaten path, you will find many delights to behold. So join us on a journey through some of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines.


Boracay Island

This island is most famous for its beaches, which come straight out of paradise. White Beach is the most well-known and can become very crowded. However, by going further afield, you can find smaller but equally beautiful beaches that are among the best in the Philippine islands. Boracay is the most touristically developed of all the islands and is the one that features most often in guidebooks. However, this should not mean that it is an obvious choice. Boracay is the perfect starting point for any trip to the Philippines. The gentle waters and powdery sand combine with buzzing restaurants and cafes to make Boracay the Ibiza of the East. Hotels are now offering Indonesian-style beach huts that can be rented per night, and which add a luxurious note to your trip.


Palawan Island

This island was recently voted the most beautiful in the world. The island has lagoon-like blue waters which contrast with luscious, green mountains. The towns and villages are low-key, with many of them relying upon fishing as their main industry. Palawan is not only a beach-lovers paradise. It is also famous for having historical objects which date back over 5,000 years. The island itself has plenty to offer by way of entertainment. You can sail around the peninsula, visiting hidden caves and secret bays. Scuba diving is also popular and due to the variety of fish in these waters, it is often voted one of the best places to dive. There is also a subterranean river, which is one of a kind and can be traveled by boat. Tourists often rent bicycles and motorbikes to travel all over the island, offering an excellent vantage point of the sights. It is a wonder not only of the Philippine islands but of the world.


Bohol Island

This island is often referred to as the jewel of the Philippine islands. It is slightly more rugged than the others but also has tropical beaches and emerald mountains. The island is also home to bamboo forests and plenty of lush vegetation. The most famous of its landmarks are the Chocolate Mountains. These are corals which have been eroded over the years and appear green or brown, depending on the time of year. The island also boasts the world´s smallest monkey. There are many areas which preserve the habitat of the monkey and which you can also visit. Again the island has many beachside hotels, most of them focused on ecotourism.


North Luzon

This island is the biggest of the Philippine islands. It is slightly less tropical than the rest, with pine instead of palm trees. The mountains remain green but they also possess centuries-old rice terraces, which look down onto ravines. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is still home to an indigenous population. The island also has several breathtaking waterfalls which can be easily visited. Several tours are often run along the rice terraces, which allow you to see them in all their beauty.


Camiguin Island

This island is similar to the Canaries in that it is entirely volcanic. There is still one active volcano on the island but it remains safe at the moment. This island has been largely left undeveloped by tourism but is becoming more and more popular. Much like the Canaries, the beaches are unique to the Philippine islands in that the sand is black. The volcanic activity also means that there are many thermal springs. Accompanied by lagoons and waterfalls, the island is a real marvel. You can also access White Island from here which is a largely unspoiled white sandbar. The views from this point are spectacular and a real gem of the Philippine islands.


Visit the Philippine Islands

This is just a short compilation of some of the most spectacular islands of the Philippines. However, there are much more to see. For the luxury traveler or the backpacker, there is something for everyone. For more information on travel to the Philippine islands, please contact Exoticca for packages and deals.

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