Are you going to travel to Beijing? Here you have 12 things to do in Beijing


China is one of our favorite destinations. The Asian giant has many things to surprise us, a unique destination for lovers of historical and cultural travel. Its capital Beijing is always a must-visit destination and that is why we have prepared a list of things to do in Beijing. This way you will enjoy your holidays in China.

 The unique culture of the dragon kingdom makes this trip to Beijing a true meeting of cultures. The city is one of the oldest in the world, starting approximately 1000 years before Christ. Today it is one of the most important cities in the world. Being the capital of one of the greatest powers, in Beijing, you will find a place besides tourism, an international business centre like no other.

The 21 million inhabitants of the city are witnesses of the mixture of cultures that are lived there. As well as a mixture of generations full of history. A place where narrow alleys of an ancient Beijing coexist, and large skyscrapers of a commercial emporium.

12 things to do in Beijing

So, you can have a general look in a few days, here we recommend the best things to see in Beijing for your holidays. However, we warn you that there is so much you can do in this city, that we will always recommend that you return to it again and again. If you want to know more about the country, here are the 9 best tips to travel to China for the first time.

Forbidden City

The Ming and Qing dynasties had power in China with 24 emperors. They all ruled from the palace of this architectural complex. Therefore, given the importance of this place in Chinese history, it is undeniable that this must be one of the must-see places in Beijing.

The Forbidden City is an essential place in your visit to the city. Tour the gigantic courtyards and public and private rooms that the emperors had for their guests.

Tiananmen Square

A gigantic country like China must have a gigantic square in its capital. This is perhaps the most important place, politically speaking, in all of China. It is the largest square in the world, built-in 1949, born with the current People’s Republic of China. This square gives access to the forbidden city and is surrounded by important places that you have to see in Beijing. Visit here the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, who proclaimed the foundation of the People’s Republic of China.

The Great Wall

This wonder of the world is one of the most visited places in China. Its importance makes it an essential place to visit on your trip to the country. The Great Wall of China does not pass through Beijing; however, you can visit it on your trip to the city as it passes just 80 km from Beijing.


If you like to be impregnated with history, this sector is indicated in your list of things to do in Beijing. It represents the old urban organization of the city of Beijing. Therefore, it is one of the places that you should schedule to visit and incidentally find narrow streets that tell the story of how the city used to be.

Meet the beautiful Pandas

The beautiful Panda bears are one of the natural wonders that can only be seen in China. That’s why in the Luxury Red Dragon and Giant Pandas circuit, you can observe them in Chengdu. We recommend this circuit through which you will also visit The Great Wall and the best of Beijing.

Silk Street and Silk Market

Markets are always a perfect place to interact with locals. The silk market is very famous throughout the history that this fabric represents for the country. Bargain to the fullest and buy the best souvenir from China to your home.

Olympic Village

The 2008 Olympic games left spectacular scenarios in Beijing that you must visit.

Temple of the Lamas

One of the most interesting things to do in Beijing. Outside of Tibet, it is the most important Buddhist temple and therefore deserves to be known. It was built in the 1600s and owes its name because it was the spiritual refuge of the Lamas monks.

Heaven Temple

It is a sacred place in China, to visit it is essential when you are in Beijing. It was built to ask heaven for the crops.

Summer Palace

Palaces, gardens and cool temples, next to Kunming Lake are the ideal place to spend summer days in Beijing.

Jingshan Park

There are always places where the best views of the cities are found. In the case of Beijing, Jingshan Park is in charge of being the most beautiful viewpoint to enjoy the views. Enjoy from this hill so you can take the best postcards on your visit to China.

Beihai Park

If you have enough time for your visit to Beijing, we recommend you visit this gigantic park. With corners of natural beauty to breathe easy in the middle of the big city.

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