Trips For Over 55s

Trips for over 55s have a somewhat harsh reputation. Yes, we agree that the mere mention of trips for over 55s floods the mind with images of tacky hotels, bland coach trips, or even Weston-super-Mare. However, passing the 50 mark is no excuse to hang up your dreams of seeing the world.  If anything, we consider 55 the prime age for travelling. So why not Etch 2020 into the memory books, with a trip to one of these incredible destinations. All spectacular choices for let’s say, the wiser explorer. 

Top five trips for over 55s in 2020


Marvel at snow monkeys, wander through tech-filled alleys dotted with cherry blossom trees, or hike up Mount Fuji – Japan’s beauty is as mesmerising as it is unique. Tie this all up with outstanding cuisine, and remarkably friendly locals and you can see why more and more are flocking to this intriguing country. After playing host for the 2019 Rugby World Cup with aplomb, Japan is again rolling out the carpet for the 2020 Olympics. So if you need another excuse to visit the land of the rising sun, you’ve got one. 

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal has long been a go-to for holidaymakers seeking sun, sea, and cheap booze. Although this winning formula might sound tempting, we recommend choosing a trip to its charming capital instead. Head to Lisbon to feed your inner culture vulture and to get lost in wide streets awash with tales of Portugal’s yesteryear glories. After, wander through grand avenues sitting before entering some of the most pioneering galleries in Europe.  

Once you’ve got your fill of its arty delights, delve into Lisbon’s vibrant culinary scene. This fascinating capital is famed for its fresh seafood, hearty stews and grilled meats. However, for those looking to indulge their sweet tooth, find refuge in one of its many charming squares and tuck into a heavenly creamy pasteis de nata (Portuguese custard tart).  


Ever wanted to gaze upon the Arabian sea from silky sand, lose yourself in a heady mix of fragrant cuisine, or wander through the gardens of one of the Seven Wonders of the World? Well, India is just the ticket. Not only does this magical land of colour, spice and all things nice boast cheap prices, fantastic hotels, and friendly locals, it’s also seeing a resurgence in its most famous locals: the Bengal tiger. According to the latest tiger census the population has grown by a third in the last four years. Of course, a trip to India wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the striking grounds of the Taj Mahal. Some ponder why the Taj Mahal is one of the Wonders of the World, while others go and find out for themselves – book your trip this stunning country today. 


Stunning wildlife, quaint log cabins, and astounding landscapes a-plenty, the land of the Vikings rarely disappoints. Head to the almighty fjords to gaze out from steep cliffs for breathtaking views of dark waters weaving through rugged mountainscapes, or cruise through Nærøyfjord (literally meaning narrow fjord) by boat from the town of Flåm. The Gulf Stream’s warming currents mean the fjords are a haven for porpoise, seals and an abundance of fish. 

Alongside the monstrous fjords, is another one of its best attractions: the Northern Lights. Curtains of glimmering lights unfurl from the heavens when charged particles from the sun collide with atoms in the earth’s atmosphere. This causes electrons in the atoms to move to a higher-energy state. When the electrons drop back to a lower energy state, this Nordic marvel fills the sky. The magic of this phenomenon appears from October to March, and the more north you venture the more likely you are to witness it. We suggest heading to the islands of Lofoten for the best chance to see this otherworldly delight. 

Marvel at the astonishing natural beauty of the Fjords, by joining us on one of our Nordic escapes.

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena wows with its blend of modern skyscrapers and colonial charms. This Colombian city is also a number one choice for those craving a mix of stunning beaches and cultural delights.

The main attraction of this imperial port is its enchanting Old Town. Fenced in by over 13 km of stone walls, the UNESCO protected site is alive with bright yellow churches, romantic balconies, and smiling street vendors. During the day seek refuge from the searing temperatures in one of the city’s magnificent cocktail bars. Due to the tropical humidity, the city waits until dusk to spring to life. Start your exploring by watching the sunset from one of its terraces before taking an evening stroll. Whilst traversing the cobbled alleys, gaze at street performers and the rotund beauty of sculptures by Fernando Botero. End the evening with a generous plate of fresh local seafood and patacones (fried plantain).

Sitting on the Caribbean coast, this dazzling city is also a stone’s throw from tropical paradises boasting creamy white sands and crystal blue waters. Undoubtedly Cartagena is the trip for over 55s wanting the best of both worlds.

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