Interesting facts about Myanmar

Most beautiful places in Asia

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The most beautiful places in Asia are plentiful. In fact, this vast continent is home to 48 countries, each with its own natural wonders and spectacular cultural sights. If you are planning a trip to Asia, you’ll want to visit its most beautiful destinations and the following list is a...

Best Myanmar Beaches


This spiritual land of gleaming pagodas and buddhist monks, is also blessed with an idyllic coast packed with sandy paradises. Dwelling in the shadows of other Southeast Asian destinations such as Bali, Myanmar, and its wealth of coastal marvels, have flown under the radar. Keeping its 2,000 km of shoreline...

The world’s most impressive, unmissable giant buddhas


Religions are characterised by their divine beings, and Buddhism is no exception. There are several deities that can be found throughout Asia, so if you enjoy looking at works of art while on organised trips, we can tell you where to find the most spectacular giant buddhas in the world....

When is the best time to visit Myanmar

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The Burmese climate is typical of South East Asia, so the best time to travel to Myanmar is between December and March. You can also travel there in April and May, but you will have to endure truly suffocating heat.   When to travel to Myanmar Before telling you the...