Interesting facts about Israel

best vegetarian restaurants and vegan destinations

Vegetarian & Vegan Travel: Best vegetarian restaurants and destinations


If you’re a veggie or vegan and like to travel, you’ll want to know the best vegetarian restaurants and vegan destinations around the world. Finding vegetarian restaurants and plant-based dishes abroad can be tricky, but we’re here to take the guesswork out of your next foodie adventure! As vegan and...

What is Purim?


The Jewish holiday of Purim is nearly here. But what is Purim day? Also known as the Jewish halloween, Purim is a roaring party of crazy costumes and intriguing traditions.This important date in the Jewish calendar celebrates their escape from persecution during the time of the Persian empire.  The story...

When is the best time to visit Israel

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It is relatively easy to decide when to travel to Israel, since it can be visited practically throughout the year. However, this country in the Middle East has up to forty different climates across the length and breadth of its territory. Best time to travel to Israel To decide when...

wedding traditions

13 curious wedding traditions from around the world


Weddings are one of the most dreamed events for some couples. It is amazing how each culture, country, religion has different types of organization and also wedding traditions, today we will tell you about the different rituals that are made in this event that many couples dream about and that...

middle east holy places

10 middle east holy places that you must visit


The Middle East is a place full of history, culture, and religion. In this part of the world, the cradle of civilization, three important religions were born, Jews, Christians, and Muslims share a holy space that has given rise to numerous struggles. Unfortunately, history has become violent, even so, it...