Best national parks in South America to witness the beauty of nature

Best national parks in South America

The best national parks in South America allow us to witness the true beauty of nature. From thundering waterfalls to snow-capped glaciers, this continent is a haven for lovers of the great outdoors. If you’re planning a trip to South America, be sure to visit at least one of these spectacular national parks. So, do you want to know the best national parks in South America? Read on to discover our top picks for breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures!

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Torres del Paine National Park: best places to travel solo

Nestled in the heart of Chilean Patagonia, Torres del Paine is famed for its towering granite peaks, protected forests and glacier lakes. In fact, it is the most visited national park in the country and among the largest. Furthermore, it’s one of the best national parks in South America for hiking and trekking. A UNESCO biosphere reserve, Torres del Paine is considered one of the most beautiful, untouched natural environments on planet earth! Within easy reach of Puerto Natales, visitors can experience the beauty of this park on a day trip or opt for a multi-day tour. Highlights of the park include the Cordillera del Paine and its three granite peaks, or ‘Paine Horns’, the Salto Grande waterfall and Lake Pehoe.

Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Tayrona - best national parks in South America

A protected area in Colombia’s Caribbean region, Tayrona is a haven of rich biodiversity, desert-island beaches and tropical marine life. A national natural park, Tayrona covers an area of 150 square kilometres on land. Furthermore, the national park also covers 30 square kilometres of maritime area in the abundant waters of the Caribbean Sea. One of the most popular destinations in Colombia, the natural park encompasses verdant rainforests, home to monkeys, birds and other wildlife, as well as white-sand beaches. If you’re in search of a remote getaway look no further than Tayrona. One of the best national parks in South America, travel here to experience a true connection with nature!

Iguazu National Park, Argentina

Iguazu Falls - UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Encompassing an area of subtropical forest, the Iguazu National Park is home to one of the great natural wonders in South America: the Iguazu Falls! Creating a natural border between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazu Falls are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Inspiring visitors with their thundering cascades, visiting Iguazu National Park is sure to be a highlight of any trip to South America. As well as boat trips to the incredible ‘Garganta del Diablo’ waterfall, visitors can also explore the tropical rainforests surrounding the falls on a number of walking trails and 4×4 routes.

Galapagos National Park, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands: best national parks in south america

A dream come true for wildlife lovers, the Galapagos National Park is home to some of the rarest and most unique wildlife on earth. Indeed, these volcanic islands were the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theories on evolution. Visitors to the Galapagos can encounter animals as weird and wonderful as the giant Galapagos tortoise, marine iguanas and the blue-footed boobie. This national park can be reached via a short flight from the Ecuadorian mainland. From there, the most popular islands to visit include Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela and Baltra. In recent years, trips to the Galapagos Islands have gained popularity. Indeed, visiting this national park is on the bucket lists of many an adventurous traveller!

Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina

Tierra del Fuego - best national parks in South America

A protected area encompassing diverse environments including forests, peat bogs, lakes and mountains, Tierra del Fuego sits at the southern tip of Patagonia. Quite literally at the ‘End of the World’ this incredible travel destination is full of incredible landscapes and rich wildlife. As the final frontier before the continent gives way to the icy seas of the South Atlantic, the journey here is more than worth it. Visit Tierra del Fuego to experience the most pristine environments and breathe the purest air on earth!

Rapa Nui National Park (Easter Island), Chile

Easter Island exotic holiday destinations

Undoubtedly, Rapa Nui National Park is one of the most mysterious and mythical destinations on earth. Rapa Nui is the Chilean name for Easter Island, a place where time seems to have stopped. Most famous are the Moais, the rock-hewn monoliths that stand guard over this sacred land. Rapa Nui stands out as one of the best national parks in South America because of its incredible cultural treasures. The landscapes here tell the stories of a lost civilization. The complex beliefs and rituals of the Rapa Nui people are still being deciphered to this day. If you visit Easter Island and Rapa Nui National Park, be sure to stop at Tongariki. Here, you’ll find 15 Moai statues standing in a line at the edge of the sea. Surely, the most iconic image of this curious travel destination!

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