How to obtain a visa to Russia? | We tell you step by step!

visa to Russia

How to obtain a visa to Russia? This is one of the visas that carry more paperwork in the world and for which travelers seek more information. Traveling to Russia may seem like a difficult process, but if you decide to do it on your own, you will realize that it is not so. In fact, the process of obtaining a visa to Russia is not complicated, you just have to take into account certain procedures that you must do.

The visa process is usually the most boring part of travel. However, here we make a step-by-step list of what you should do to get a visa for Russia and you can have the vacation of your dreams.

What is the visa for Russia and other basic information

The visa is a permit or authorization for entry, stay or transit in the Russian Federation that citizens of other nationalities must obtain. However, not all countries are required to have a visa to visit Russia. Some like those who belonged to the former Soviet Union are exempt. If your country appears in this list of the Russian visa center, you should not process visas.

Visa types

According to the reason for your trip, there are seven types of visas for Russia. The most common and that we focus on in this article is the tourist visa. The other types of visas you can apply for are: business, private trips, studies, work, humanitarian and transit.

Where to apply for a visa to Russia

The visa process to Russia depends on the country where you are doing it. In general, this procedure is carried out in the consulates of the Russian Federation that are present in the country. However, in some countries such as Spain, the procedure is carried out through an independent company that in that case is the Russian Visa Central.

How much does it cost to process the visa to Russia

The visa as such has a cost of 58 euros, is of ordinary type and will take 10 days for delivery. If you need an urgent visa that will take 3 days the cost is 113 euros. Remember that this is the cost of the visa, however, you must take into account additional expenses that you will have during the process. So do not forget to have extra money for the issuance of the invitation letter and medical insurance.

When to complete the procedure to obtain a visa to Russia

As you have noticed, this is a process that needs time to be executed. So we recommend that you start with the collection of documents in good weather before making the trip. If you already have the documents ready, the process could take two weeks. However, we recommend not leaving everything for the last minute. Please note that visa procedures are not received more than 90 days in advance

How to get a visa to Russia step by step

The information that appears on the Internet to obtain a visa for Russia is a bit complex to understand. Much of this information is incomplete or does not seem to be well explained. Even the official bodies do not seem to inform well enough to obtain this visa.

With this step by step, we will help you make your trip to Russia a little easier and you can get your visa as quickly as possible.

Visa application form to Russia

To submit your application to obtain a visa to Russia, you must fill out the form of the consular department of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation. To complete this form you must be clear about a complete itinerary of your trip. So, you must specify the cities to visit, hotels, transfers and the total days that your stay in Russia will have.


It is very important for this visa to have a valid passport. It is not worth having your ID, you must have your passport with an expiration date of more than six months.

The invitation letter or visa support

This is one of the most difficult documents for travelers. A little information is needed, but as such, this document is nothing more than a letter that the hotel where you will stay during your stay should give you.

Health insurance

For your trip to Russia, you must have medical insurance that covers certain requirements and is accepted in the Russian Federation. This insurance must cover repatriation expenses for medical reasons and emergency care during your entire stay in the country.

Delivery note or I received

In this step you accept the terms and conditions, you must fill out a form if you need an invoice. This is done the day you are going to deliver the documents.

Payment of fees

You can make the payment by credit card at the consular offices.

Bring the complete documentation

The last step is to take the documents to the consular office, for which you do not need an appointment, only arrive at the established times. With this, you can already enjoy the imperial capitals on your next trip to Russia.

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