The 10 Argentine traditions that will impress you

The country of tango and Asado is one of the most visited places in Latin America. Argentine traditions surprise and delight visitors and sometimes travelers will even continue the traditions when they get home after they fall in love with this charming South American country.

Before you plan your trip, it’s a good idea to learn a little about the country you want to visit. Here we have some important Argentine traditions that you will want to know before you travel to Argentina. 

10 Argentine traditions that will surprise you

Greet with kiss

Argentines are incredibly affectionate people. And although in most Latin American or European countries it is very common to say hello with a kiss, for some cultures this can be strange. You might be surprised when men greet each other with kisses too.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your friend, your brother or a stranger. Argentines have this unique way of greeting. Once you arrive in the country, you will realize the effusive way in which they greet each other in Argentina.

The sensuality of Tango

One of the main attractions of Argentina, especially the city of Buenos Aires is Tango. This sensual dance and music genre has gained international fame for its attractive movements. Tango came into existence during the mid-twentieth century when the multiculturalism generated by migration from Europe made this a unique dance. On your trip to Buenos Aires, you can enjoy this elegant dance, as well as the vibrant neighborhoods of the capital and its excellent cuisine.

Barbecues with friends

Friends are very important for any Argentine. That’s why they enjoy meeting to share unique moments. One of the most common get-togethers is barbecues. In these meetings, they cook the best Argentine meat to share at the barbecue. This is one of the most widespread and well-known Argentine traditions in the world.

Football is a religion

Argentina is the country of Maradona and Messi, the greatest football players in history. In Argentina, football is celebrated differently. The passion of the field extends to all corners of the country. Buenos Aires is the city with the most football stadiums in the world and home to one of the most important rivalries of this sport, the Argentine Superclásico, Boca Junior vs River Plate. When you visit Barrio La Boca, you will understand a little more about what sport means in a place where people live for football.

Share Mate, a sacred ritual

Every Argentine in any part of the world carries his Mate and his thermos. This drink is indispensable in the lives of Argentines. However, what makes this one of the most unique Argentine customs is how Mate is taken. Although you could take it alone, the common thing is that Mate is shared among friends. Therefore, it is very common to see a group of friends sitting sharing the drink from the same thermos mug and passing the Mate around.

Talking about politics

The sharing of the Mate goes hand in hand with another of the Argentine traditions par excellence: always talking about politics. Although it is usually an issue that generates conflicts, Argentines are experts in always talking about politics. No matter the time or place, an Argentine will often want to talk about these important issues.

Argentine empanadas

Although empanadas of all kinds can be found throughout Latin America, Argentine empanadas have a special touch. This is one of their typical dishes and when you try them you will be completely in love with them. Empanadas are also important because of the way they are prepared,  carefully, one by one, with a variety of recipes that you should try when you travel to Argentina.


Although they are traditional Andalusian sweets, they have become a typical and traditional sweet treat in Argentina too. Alfajores consist of two round cookies made with wheat flour and butter, which sandwich an exquisite caramel center.

Eating dinner at almost midnight

The life of an Argentine person is quite hectic. Between sharing time with friends, enjoying food and living the long nightlife in the cities, the days are long. That is why Argentines have a habit of having dinner quite late. So, prepare a snack for mid-afternoon, because at the earliest you will have dinner after 9 p,m.

Carnival and typical festivals

In Argentina, carnivals are frequent and large, especially in the northern states of Argentina such as Córdoba. During the festivals, communities come together and the streets come to life with music, dance and celebration.

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