When is the best time to visit French Polynesia

Tahiti and Bora Bora are two of the dream destinations for all types of travelers. Knowing when to travel to French Polynesia is key to enjoying these 118 islands, spread over 5 archipelagos. If you think of Polynesia as a place to sunbathe and dive, keep reading because some very interesting surprises await you. From the possibility of swimming with dolphins to sleeping in floating bungalows, there’s much to discover here!

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The best time to travel to French Polynesia and visit Moorea

Just a 30-minute ferry ride from nearby Tahiti is Moorea. On this island, you will find a large number of fruit plantations. From here, the capital is supplied with mangoes, bananas and coconuts. The barrier reef that surrounds the island is immense and if you like to dive, this is a good place to do it. On the island, there is only one road that runs along the coast. Beside it are all the island’s towns and their attractions, as well as restaurants.</p> You’ll see paths leading into the interior of Moorea. To visit them, you can take a quad bike or 4×4 excursion. You will see the agricultural side of the island and you can also climb Magic Mountain, where the 360-degree is simply breathtaking, leaving no-one indifferent.

When to travel to French Polynesia and see the Rangiroa Marine Reserve

Rangiroa is the dream destination for diving enthusiasts. They know the best time to travel to French Polynesia and mix with the varied underwater fauna of the area. But, even if you have no diving experience and are diving for the first time, Rangiroa is ideal. Here you can get started in this sport that will take you to the depths of the sea. To swim among hammerhead sharks, dolphins and colorful fish, book your vacation for the months between June and September. You will find diving instructors available to help you discover the abundant underwater world!
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When to travel to French Polynesia and visit the Fakarava sustainable project

The best time to travel to French Polynesia and visit Fakarava is during the summer. Fakarava is located in the Tuamotu archipelago and stands out for its pearl farming. In addition, this island is incredibly calm. Low-impact tourism is encouraged here and overcrowding is avoided. In addition, sustainable human development is proposed. If you are looking for a quiet vacation in Polynesia, this is your perfect destination.

The ideal time to get to know Tikehau

Although the rainiest months in Polynesia are from December to February, the truth is that the intensity of the rains is not excessive. In addition, the temperature remains consistent the whole year, so any time is good to swim in the turquoise waters of Tikehau. Sunbathing on its pink and white sand beaches is most enjoyable between June and September, the dry season months. Choose Tikehau if, in addition to snorkeling, you want to observe the tropical birds of the archipelago.

Bora Bora: When to travel to French Polynesia to discover this paradise!

I’m sure you’ve seen the typical image of Bora Bora. But when is the best time to travel to French Polynesia and stay in one of its floating bungalows? The answer is that the summer months are best. Bora Bora will teach you that it is not necessary to build roads when it is easier to get around by sea. Luxury tourism is concentrated here and the island is perfect for admiring the pristine coral reefs. Lounging, sipping exotic fruit cocktails and feeling like royalty is just part of Bora Bora’s attractions. Discover all this and more by staying in one of those exclusive floating bungalows, a unique experience!

The jewel of Polynesia: Tahiti. Discover it at the right time

Tahiti is the main island and the only one with an airport, so you’ll land here when you travel to Polynesia. In fact, we cannot speak of a single island, but rather it is made up of two that, together, form the largest island in the Polynesian archipelago. It will also be the last time you see a three-lane road during your vacation, which we recommend you plan for the months between June and September.

Tahiti is a good place to explore tropical forests dotted with pristine waterfalls. To experience the local culture first-hand, visit the Papeete market. There you will find crafts made with flowers and coconuts Ready to travel to French Polynesia? Perfect! Now book your trip with us and start counting the days until your flight leaves!

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