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most beautiful cities in the world - Istambul

The 10 most beautiful cities of the world

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British painter Francis Bacon said that “Beauty is in the eyes that look”. The writer Émile Zola added that beauty depended on the state of mind and the moment of life in which it is contemplated. Criteria somewhat subjective to define which cities are beautiful and which are not. To...

the coolest summer in Siberia

Places in Siberia: have the coolest summer


Summer is coming and not all of us enjoy high temperatures an sunny days. Have the coolest Summer in Siberia. Once upon a time, being sent to Siberia was the cruellest punishment. Today, a trip there is a visit to Paradise.   The best places to visit in Siberia Trans-Siberian:...

Along the Volga River

Along The Volga River: a trip back in time


You may already know about the old imperial wonders of St. Petersburg. You may even be dazzled by the clash of modernity and tradition in Moscow. But perhaps you have never considered a trip through Russia’s heart, along the Volga river. Following the path of Exoticca’s cruise along the Volga...

what to see in russia

Best things to do in Moscow


Russia, although often portrayed negatively, is one of the most intriguing countries on Earth. The pulsing and often confusing metropolis of Moscow is a feast for the eyes. Here are the top picks of what to see in Moscow. What to do in Moscow: myth and legend Moscow is no...