Interesting facts about Japan

takayama different trip to Japan

What to do in Takayama: a different trip to Japan


Takayama is a relatively small city that you can visit on foot. And this might be the first reason why choosing it as a travel destination makes it a different holidays to Japan. If you plan your stay well, you can visit many of the most remarkable city attractions in a short...

temples of India spiritual places

The most spiritual places to travel on Earth


There are as many types of travellers as destinies. In Exoticca we have beaches for the sun addicts, mountains for the explorers, cities for the urbanites… But if you are seeking a deeper experience, you can also start with a spiritual trip on Earth. Visit any of the following destinies...

tips for travelling to Japan

Japan travel tips: 3 essentials for travellers to Japan


The Land of the Rising Sun is a mix of old and new traditions. The chrysanthemum and the sword was the title given to a book describing the culture of Japan. Now the country is one of the most powerful in the world and the host of an upcoming Olympic...

Curious customs of Japan

Curious Japanese customs and traditions


Japan is increasingly becoming a must-see destination due to its natural beauty, technological advances and its wonderful cuisine. Japanese customs and traditions reveal an abundance of vibrant culture and tradition, and being aware of said cultures is an important part of preparation when visiting the Land of the Rising Sun....