When is the best time to visit Uzbekistan

The best time to travel to Uzbekistan should be chosen according to your travel plan. One of the characteristics of the climate of the country are its marked differences in temperatures.

What is the best time to travel to Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is a country with an extreme continental climate, with deserts and mountains. The winters are frigid and the summers torrid, with temperatures ranging from -60ºC to 40ºC, depending on the region. In the plains areas, spring and autumn have a pleasant temperature, but summer and winter can be difficult for the traveller. In the mountains the cold is extremely vicious, so sports activities should be carried out in the warmer months.

Therefore, the climate of Uzbekistan varies enormously depending on the region in which we are located, depending on whether it is mountainous or desert. In general, the best time to travel to Uzbekistan is between the months of April and June or in the period from September to November. But we cannot forget that these are the months with the most rainfall, especially the month of March. The rains in the mountains are abundant and frequent.

When to travel to Uzbekistan according to each region

From one season to another, the differences are especially marked and you can go from a scorching summer to a glacial winter. That is why you have to know when to travel to Uzbekistan according to the visits which we have planned in the different regions of the country.

Samarkand and Bukhara

The best time to visit Uzbekistan and, specifically these two cities, which take the traveller to the Thousand and One Nights, is the period between April and May or in August and September. In July the heat can be unbearable for tourists who live in more temperate climates. Samarkand is full of wonders of the architecture of the Timurid dynasty. Bukhara, on the other hand, is a city which is located in what was the Silk Road and is in perfect condition. The centre of the city is recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The south

In the southern zone the highest temperatures of the whole country are recorded. In the city of Termez the temperature can exceed 60ºC. It is located on Uzbekistan’s border with Afghanistan and is flanked by mountains. Despite being the warmest city in the country, it is very popular with tourists. The months of April and May, in spring, or in September and October, already in autumn, are the most highly recommended to get to know this region. This way we avoid the hard summer heat and cold winter weather. March, being very rainy, is also better to avoid.

The centre

Tashkent is another must-visit area, but it is also ravaged by overly extreme temperatures with excessively hot summers and is too cold in winter. April and May or September and October are the best times to go through the centre of Uzbekistan. The name of this city, which is the capital of the country, means “stone fortress” and stands out for combining past and future in its different types of architecture.

Sports trip

A short distance from the capital, there are interesting options for activities such as kayaking or rafting. The best time to travel to Uzbekistan and carry out sports or hiking are the months of September and October. The valley of Angren is an area for excursions and to contemplate its impressive canyon. You can also make routes outdoors, on horseback or camel. This region being lower, the best time is between March and May because we can also see different species of birds.

The north

If the winter is cold in all of Uzbekistan, in the north temperatures can reach -40ºC. The region of Karakalpakstan suffers the scourge of the Siberian winds and that is why the climate there is especially hard. However, there are cities which should be included in your travel route, such as Jiva, which is located in a beautiful oasis and is surrounded by the Karakum desert. When should you travel to the northern area of Uzbekistan? We recommend you avoid winter, March for its rains and July for its high temperatures.

The east

April, May and September are the ideal months to tour the east of the country. In this region we can visit the beautiful city of Andijan. From there the traveller can access the city of Osh, which is also known as the “capital of the south”. It is located in the Fergana Valley.

Thus, generally speaking, the best time to travel to Uzbekistan is in the spring and autumn. We will enjoy milder temperatures and we will be able to enjoy the country without the discomfort of cold or heat.