When is the best time to visit Egypt

If you are thinking of visiting the famous pyramids and you don’t know when to travel to Egypt, we would say that there are two general periods to travel to this country. Furthermore, depending on the region the climate may vary, so you must take all of this into account when planning your trip.

The Best Time to Travel to Egypt

First of all, you should note that generally there are two best periods to travel to Egypt. The first is from March to May, and the second from September to November. Of course, it is only reasonable to avoid the summer months due to the heat of the desert. Similarly, winter is discouraged as temperatures fall considerably at night.

On the other hand, the climate of this country in the north-east of Africa is subtropical. Summers are very hot and dry, while winters are generally mild. The hottest months are from the end of May to the beginning of September. Of course, there are clear differences between the coastal regions and central regions.

On the coast, temperatures are more moderate, with minimum of 14ºC and maximum of 37ºC. In the centre, where it is mainly desert, the minimum temperature can fall to 0ºC at night, while during the day it reaches 46ºC.

Although all of Egypt is included within the desert’s bioclimatic landscape, up to nine different ecological regions can be found within the country. From the Mediterranean forests and steppes west of the Nile, to the salt marshes of the Sahara Desert. These diverse climatic characteristics determine the temperatures of each region marking some differences.

Let’s look at when to travel to Egypt depending on the place you plan to visit on your trip, and in what area of the country it is located.

When to Travel to the Red Sea

The most famous tourist destinations in this area of Egypt are Sharm el Sheikh, Marsa Alam and El Gouna. The main attraction of these places is to enjoy the beaches and good weather almost all year round. In the Red Sea, the weather is warm, but not too hot thanks as a result of the sea breeze.

During the day, the temperature does not exceed 30ºC, and at night the average is about 20ºC all year round. To give you an idea, the average temperature in Sharm el Sheikh in winter ranges from 13ºC to 21ºC. In summer, the average varies between 28ºC and 37ºC. However, the best time to visit this area of Egypt is March and April if you want to avoid the high tourist season.

When to Travel to the Nile Valley

To visit the great pyramids, it is best to plan your trip between March and May. If you cannot go during these months, the other option is between September and November. Although actually, from November until March is still a good time to visit this region.

During the summer, the climate of the Nile Valley, like in Luxor, Aswan and Dakhla, is dry and arid. The temperature can reach 40ºC, so this is not an ideal time to go if you want to enjoy your trip. It would be better to travel between November and March to have more pleasant temperatures.

When to Travel to the Nile Delta

To visit Cairo or Alexandria in the Nile Delta, you will find the best temperatures between September and November. Other good months to visit this region are March, April and May. Avoid summer, because the nights are very cold, and the temperature during the day can be suffocating.

In Alexandria and its surroundings, in spring, April especially, the sirocco (hot desert wind) blows which causes sandstorms and rising temperatures. Furthermore, the average temperature ranges between 9ºC and 18ºC in winter, compared to 23ºC and 30ºC in summer.

If you are planning to do a cruise along the Nile, between March and May is the tourist high season, so prices will be higher. On the other hand, from September to November, you will not only have good weather, but it will also not be so crowded.

When to Travel to the Centre of Egypt

If you are going to include Aswan in your trip, you should know that the difference in temperatures are much more pronounced. In winter, throughout January, the minimum temperature can be 8ºC, and the maximum 23ºC. In June and July, the minimum will be 26ºC, while the maximum will reach 41ºC.

Generally, we can summarise that the best months to travel to Egypt are from October to March. However, for most tourist attractions, between March and May, and September and November are the most highly recommended.