When is the best time to visit Colombia

Colombia map

The best time for travelling to Colombia is during the dry season, which is from December to March. But you have to adapt to the date according to the region of the country that you are planning to visit. It is also recommended to avoid the holiday period for Colombians so that you can get away from the hordes.

When to travel to Colombia

In general, the climate in Colombia is quite stable as it is close to land Equator. We recommend that you avoid the humid season which lasts from April to November, as the rains are both frequent and heavy.

In the same way, if you don’t want to travel with a multitude of other people, avoid the weeks between mid-December to mid-January. Colombians have their holidays at this time. But you also have to keep in mind that the climate varies depending on altitude. Travelling in the low country is not the same as travelling in the peaks of the Andes.

As far as the influx of tourism is concerned, the months of October and November are reasonably quiet. This means lower prices and a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. But let’s look at the best time to travel to the different regions of Colombia and what you need to keep in mind.

Area of the Orinoco Flatlands

If you travel to the Orinoco Flatlands, you can enjoy a truly wild and authentic part of the country. It is the perfect destination for the most adventurous. This is the most agricultural region of Colombia. We recommend you travel between November and April to enjoy all the delights of this marvellous region.

Remember that the Orinoco is one of the largest and fastest-flowing rivers in the world.  The area to the east of Colombia borders the water catchment area of this impressive river. This river has its own microclimate which produces an atmospheric phenomenon that prevents the appearance of clouds over its catchment area. This is due to the temperature contrast between the cold waters in the catchment area and the air temperature.

The Colombian Andes

Bogotá, the capital, is located precisely in the mountain range of the Colombian Andes. The climate of the capital can be said to be constant around 17 degrees. Avoid the months of March to May and October to November as these months have frequent rainfall. January, February and June to September are the best months to travel to this region.

Travel to this region is essential in order to enjoy a part of a planet which is being dramatically reduced by deforestation. There are still six glaciers surviving climate change in these mountains.

The Pacific Region

If you love the natural environment of the Colombian Pacific coast this is the perfect place for your holiday. From unspoilt beaches, to trips to the heart of the jungle, everything is focussed on discovering the tropical flora and fauna. If you avoid the rainy season, the Pacific coast is warm and very pleasant. The best months to travel are from December to April.

In this region you will be able to see whales and even swim with whale calves, while you enjoy an infinite number of large fish. Marine turtles are another delightful inhabitant of the area, as well as innumerable corals.

The Caribbean Coast

when is the best time to travel to the Caribbean coast in Colombia

On the Caribbean Coast, both the vegetation and the climate are tropical. We recommend you visit Santa María, take a trip to the Ciudad Perdida (Lost Town) and discover the Guajira region. If you are staying on the coast, the climate is hot and tropical. Perfect for those looking for heat and sun. Avoiding the rainy season, the best months for travelling are from December to April.

This is the perfect region to enjoy carnival, music, sun and the beaches. If you add to this the delicious gastronomy of the area, you are sure to want to return.

The Colombian Amazon

Discover the Colombian Amazon from July to October, the best months to enjoy all the beauty of the area. You will be able to see marmosets and swim with dolphins in fresh water. The more adventurous can take the challenge of trekking or kayaking to the indigenous communities  

The Colombian Amazon has a tropical climate, with a mean temperature of 25 degrees. It is hot and humid all year round. To enjoy good temperatures, the best time to go is during the dry season.

This area is home to over 674 species of birds, anteaters, pumas, deer and an infinite number of plant species. The towns of Ticunas, Hiutotos and Yucunas are where the jungle inhabitants live. Visiting them and receiving their friendly welcome is an experience you will never forget.

You now know when its the best time to travel to the regions of Colombia. Now you only have to pack your suitcases and enjoy this incredible country.