When is the best time to visit Canada

The best time to travel to Canada depends on the place you want to visit, given that it’s immense geography, as well as the variety of its terrain and ecology, mean it has a wide range of climates. One thing is sure throughout the country, the winters are hard, with the northern regions having snow for six months of the year.

When to travel to Canada

As we already mentioned, to decide when to travel to Canada, first you need to decide which area or region to visit. The average temperature in winter and summer varies depending on the region.

Be assured that the winters can be very cold in many regions of the country, especially in the inner provinces, as well as in the prairies. These areas have a continental climate, with an average daily temperature of -15 °C, which can reach -40 °C.

The British Columbian coast, however, has a mild climate, with a warmer winter, but also with more rain. On the east and west coasts, the average temperature is 20 °C, whilst between the coasts, the maximum summer temperature is between 25 and 30 °C. Inland and during summer, they can exceed 40 °C.

As you will see, the climate is diverse, so it is difficult to define the best time to travel to Canada. However, broadly speaking, summer is the best time to visit the country. Spring and autumn are also recommendable, depending on the region.

Let’s look region to region at when to travel to Canada to find the best weather possible to make your adventure pleasant.

When to travel to the north of Canada

To visit the north of this huge and beautiful country, the summer months are the best. June, July and August are the best times to travel to Canada if you want to travel to the cold lands of the north. Bear in mind that the average temperature here is -20 °C, falling as low as  -40 °C in winter. Hudson Bay, for example, is covered in snow and ice for nine months, so you have an idea of the polar climate of the area.

When to travel to the west of Canada

The east coast of Canada, bathed by the Pacific Ocean, has a much more moderate climate than in the north of the country. The temperatures here are more pleasant, increasing to 25ºC in summer, and never falling below 0ºC in winter. The months of July and August are the driest, so it is the best time to travel to Canada and visit this region. If you want to visit the region of British Columbia, including Vancouver, it’s best to choose the summer months.

When to travel to the east of Canada

The best time to travel to Canada and visit Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, is summer. The temperatures in this region are quite mild all year round. For this reason, you also can venture to this area in autumn, when the scenery is a sight worth seeing.

In winter, although it isn’t as cold as in other regions, it brings with it the closure of many national parks and accommodation in the area, so it isn’t really worth choosing the winter months for your trip. If you really want to enjoy all of the beauty of this Canadian region, plan your trip between June and August.

When to travel to the south of Canada

The ocean currents mean places like Quebec and Ontario have a milder climate than inland areas. However, this region’s climate is continental, which means it has very cold winter and very hot summers.

The average temperature in summer is 23ºC, whilst in winter it falls to -17ºC. For this reason, summer is the best time to travel to Canada and visit this area. On the other hand, the rains are quite heavy in the area, in Quebec, for example, it rains even in summer.

When to travel to the prairies of Canada

If your trip includes Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan, you should know that this region has a continental climate. Here, the summers are short with an average temperature of 25ºC between June and August. In winter, the thermometer can fall to – 25ºC, so it’s not a good time for your trip.

Spring and autumn can still be good months to visit this region, you will have a good temperature, but with more rain. Indeed, given the low temperature, you will find better offers.

Now you know the best time to travel to Canada, plan your trip so that you can enjoy all the beauty of this huge country.