Myths of travelling with your couple to romantic destinations

There are as many ways to travel as travelers. There are those who prefer to discover the world alone and run their own personal and non-transferable adventure. Some people do not leave the house without their friends. And others travel as a couple. In the latter case, the most usual is to choose romantic destinations. Well, that’s what we’ll talk about today. Because there are a number of myths about traveling as a couple to romantic destinations. And we do not want false expectations to ruin an experience that could be fantastic.

Myths about traveling as a couple to romantic destinations

1.- You will not meet new people because all your attention will be taken by your partner

It is true that when we choose romantic destinations to travel as a couple, we do it because we want to spend time together. But that does not erase our personality or convert us into islands. On many occasions, traveling together gives us some extra security for getting closer to other people. Also if you are an ongoing person, you will always find a moment to share your trip with strangers. And those new people do not have to be couples too.

2.- Travelling as a couple to romantic destinations is cheaper than doing it alone

This is a myth, but the truth is that it corresponds partially to reality. There are many expenses that are paid individually, such as flights and most transportation. So you will not save much on that unless you find a special offer for couples during their honeymoon. They actually exist and are very interesting. Where you can tell the difference is in the accommodation. Many hotels charge an extra for a single room. But, in reality, how much money you spend on your trip depends on how you plan it, not who you travel with.

3.- You can always do whatever you want

In fact, this is one of the most widespread myths about romantic destinations and trips as a couple. Traveling with another person, even if it is the love of your life, involves moments of negotiation, small individual resignations and the need to reach agreements. Remember that you travel with a person you love, not with a clone of yourself. So, chances are that a time will come when different interests will arise for each of you. Also, during a trip as a couple, however romantic the destination may be, it is necessary to reserve some time for each one. You will need space. Especially if the trip is long.

4.- You cannot get to know yourself during a romantic trip with your other half

Nothing more false than this affirmation. Romantic destinations and traveling as a couple not only allow you to know yourself. You will know more about the person you travel with and you will see more clearly the type of relationship you have. You will know if you are more or less flexible, generous and patient than you thought. You will learn if you work with real agreements or if you tend to manipulate each other. You will know how far you are able to reach physically and mentally. And you will also have the help of another person throughout the process.

5.- Flexibility and improvisation belong to lonely travelers

Here is another horrible myth that affects travelers who choose romantic destinations. Traveling as a couple, as we said above, does not change who you are. If you are a spontaneous person, you will continue to be so. In addition, trips as a couple are prone to crazy things. Who has not thought about getting married in Vegas? Sleeping in the car watching the stars? In pairs, the sense of adventure is more acute and security is doubled. Because four eyes see more than just two.

6.- Travel causes most of the breakups

If there is a harmful myth for romantic destinations and the couples that choose them, this is it. Traveling as a couple will not separate you from the person you love. It can make apparent that there are differences among you, yes. And it will depend on your will to solve them or not. But what plunges most couples is boredom and routine. Traveling is a way to get reacquainted. Also, remember that during the trip you will not become Siamese. You would be surprised to know how many couples have been reunited during a romantic holiday.

Realities about traveling as a couple to romantic destinations

  1. You can always share the perfect moment you are living
  2. You will travel with someone who loves you and knows you and who you love and know. Therefore, nothing to make you hard or hard. You can be yourself.
  3. You will come back with twice as many photos and memories.
  4. You will have more than one point of view about each place you visit


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