Where to travel in February

If you aren’t sure where to travel to in February, here are some ideas for you to take advantage of the weather and this month’s celebrations. At the same time, you’ll benefit from the best prices of the low season.

Where to travel to in February

As we begin to say goodbye to the winter in this part of the world, in other regions the temperatures are already reaching 30 degrees. Which is great news for those impatient people who don’t want to wait any longer to enjoy the sun, the heat and the sea. Then we will make a series of suggestions to organise your trip in a month which offers many options. You can choose between a cultural getaway, disconnecting on the beach and relaxing or a few days of skiing. But in addition, February is the month of carnival and other very interesting traditional events in which we can participate.

Cambodia in February

Cambodia in February

Without a doubt, one of the best destinations to travel to in February is Cambodia. One of the main reasons is that its climate is dry between December and March, and the temperatures are ideal for travelling without the risk of experiencing too much heat, or of suffering the torrential rains of other seasons. So you can spend a few days exploring this wonderful corner of Southeast Asia. Without a doubt, the most emblematic place in the country is Angkor, which was the capital of the empire for several centuries. This ancient city was hidden in the thickness of the jungle for many years, and so far only a part of it has been discovered. But Cambodia has much more for the traveller: architecture, exuberant nature, culture, gastronomy. It is certainly an unforgettable experience.


Let’s not forget that this is the month of love so if there’s somewhere to travel to in February, it’s Paris. If you’re a hopeless romantic, there is no better gift than a trip to celebrate that day when Cupid is in your heart. And Paris is the city of lovers par excellence, where you can spend some quiet days, enjoying art, beauty and the senses in general. It is essential to walk through the Champs Elysees, Montmartre or the Latin Quarter, and visit Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame, the Louvre, Versailles, Orsay or the mythical Eiffel Tower. You can’t miss out on a cruise on the Seine.

Going to Salvador de Bahia in February

Salvador de bahia in February

If you’re looking for a more distant place to travel to in February, this Brazilian city is your ideal destination. In Brazil, carnival is much more than a party; it’s a lifestyle. People go outside to have fun, dance, eat, drink, make love. It’s the exaltation of the senses and the joy of living. The historic centre of Salvador de Bahia, called the Pelourinho, is one of the stages of the carnival parades. In addition, the promenade is full of colour and dances. Apart from the carnival, there is much more to see in Bahia, which stands out for its natural wealth.

Dédougou (Burkina Faso)

If you’re looking for the most genuine exoticism, Burkina Faso is another of the best destinations to travel to in February. In Dédougou the FESTIMA is celebrated every year, a really impressive annual festival of African masks. Dozens of masked people from all over the country flock to this city to take to the streets and dance dressed in traditional attire.

This festival is not so old and was created with the purpose of preserving and protecting the culture and folklore of this area of the country. The culminating moment of this party is the dance duels among the participants which end up leading to cheerful street troupes.


Taiwan is a Chinese island with many touristic points of interest, but if we travel in February we can enjoy the Lantern Festival. It is a very old celebration which marks the end of the Chinese New Year festivities. On this day, children go outside carrying paper lanterns. Riddles are painted on each one, which have to be solved. At the beginning, these lanterns were very simple, but today the red ones predominate, which is appropriate for asking for good luck.


hawaii in February

The most active tourists should consider Hawaii as one of the best destinations to travel to in February. It is the perfect place for lovers of surfing. In fact, this sport emerged on the beaches of these Pacific islands. February is the month in which the currents, tides and weather align to generate the best waves. Oahu is one of the favourite spots for surfers to look for big waves. The Waimea plains are one of the most mythical to ride the waves. But apart from surfing, Hawaii is an impressive destination with breathtaking landscapes, and Honolulu, the capital of this island, is a bustling city with much to offer.