Where to travel in April

Have you been wondering where you should travel but cannot make up your mind? Do you have a few free days to go on a trip and want to take advantage of the best days of spring? Whether you are on holiday or not, this is a fantastic month and there is no doubt that the best way to welcome this flower-filled season of the year is to organise a nice trip away.

Where to travel in April – The best destinations

There are many choices for making the most of April. In the northern hemisphere, nature is beginning to awaken after the rigours of winter, and in the southern hemisphere, the summer sunshine is beginning to weaken and temperatures are much more pleasant. These are some of the best destinations for travelling in April.

Corsica, France

With the arrival of spring, the French island of Corsica is transformed into a real orchard of colours and fragrances. The fields fill with aromatic herbs that grow wild and perfume the air with rosemary, thyme and lavender. All of a sudden the landscape becomes steep because of the many mountains, such as Cinto which has an altitude of 2706 metres.

The ancient Greeks called the island “Kallisté” which means “the most beautiful”. If you explore it, you will find idyllic rivers and mountain streams that form natural pools in some places where the traveller can take a delightful dip. During the trip, it is essential to visit the city of Corte, which is built on a rock. The town centre maintains the essence of the old Corsica and has a great deal of richness both in the landscape and in the architecture. The gastronomy of the island is another aspect to discover.

Travel to Romania in April

travel to romania in april

Transylvania is another place to travel to during April. It is a region of Romania which is much more than the literary horrors of the famous Count. We recommend taking a stroll around the medieval district of the city of Sibiu, as well as visiting the fortified town of Viscri which looks like it has been taken straight out of a fairy tale and whose church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site monument. Its twisting narrow streets are lined with buildings that go back to the 13th century have a unique charm. Furthermore, the Transylvanian mountains are home to a large variety of animal species, such as wolves, lynxes and bears.  In many other countries, these species are in danger of extinction due to hunting.  Nature lovers can enjoy guided tours along various routes.

Japan in April

japan in April

The sight of cherry trees is beautiful anywhere in the world, but in Japan it is more spectacular than in any other location. This special time is known as Sakura and it represents the arrival of spring in all its splendour. The fields are covered with white and pink, displaying all the beauty of nature.  The Japanese festivals begin in the south, where the blossom appears earlier, and they extend northwards with dates encompassing the months of March, April, and sometimes May, depending on the region. A traditional Japanese custom is the Hanami which consists of the simple contemplation of the flowers. On these dates, families and friends prepare picnics in the blossom-filled parks.

The Itsukushima Sanctuary at Miyajima is one of the most emblematic places for tourists because of its incredible sunsets, as are the Kiyomizudera Temple and the Fushimi Sanctuary in Kyoto. You should also not miss a visit to the viewpoints in Tokyo, and of course, Mount Fuji. Climbing this requires a great deal of effort, but it is well worth it.

Visit Turkey in April

Turkey in April

This is without doubt one of the best destinations for travelling in April and enjoying the best climate of the whole year. There are still some people who think that it is a dangerous destination. It was once, at other times in history, but today it is a country that welcomes tourists with a great deal of friendliness. Turkey is a treasure chest full of jewels, both in its historical heritage and in its natural beauty. Istanbul is its capital, and that alone has so many palaces, churches and mosques that there is barely the time to see them all in a week. Not to mention the bazaars, a complete adventure for the traveller who will find items there that they won’t see anywhere else in the world. If you feel like enjoying the Turkish coast, head towards Alanya and Bodrum. The beach at Fethiye is the most idyllic place for scuba diving.


If Belgians are proud of anything it is their beer. It goes well beyond a delicious brew: it is part of their culture. In fact, in the 1970s, they even served a low alcohol beer in the schools. Certainly, those who like this rich and ancient drink will find Belgium to be one of the best destinations for travelling in April. There are over 1.500 different types of beer produced here which vary according to texture, colour, flavour and brewing process. The majority are brewed as craft beers. Among of the most popular are Chimay, Jupiter, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Kiek. Each year in April, the Zythos Beer Festival in Louvain holds one of the largest homages to beer. Over 100 craft beer sellers and breweries gather together to offer their produce to the public. The event is also includes workshops, gastronomy routes, and some local produce.