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what to do in Zanzibar

Don’t you know what to do in Zanzibar? We discovered it


Just 36 kilometers off the coast of Tanzania, there is a tropical island that has become the favorite destination of many. A destination of sun and beach very close to the African coast to combine the rest of this tropical paradise with the safaris of the African continent on your...

adventure tourism trips

5 Incredible adventure tourism trips you can’t miss


What are adventure tourism trips? Adventure tourism is about trips that include extreme activities, such as risk sports or adventure excursions. Basically, activities that make the adrenaline rise, stimulate all the senses and make you feel strong emotions. If you like strong emotions, or what you are looking for in...

Hadza: Tanzania’s most unique tribe


Found in small communities, dotted around the Serengeti Plateau and Lake Eyasi in Tanzania, the Hadza people are a group of under 1000 people deemed to be the last real hunter-gathers on earth. Despite outside interference and attempts, over the last two centuries, to introduce agriculture and Christianity to the...