Interesting facts about japan

most spectacular street markets

Discover the most spectacular street markets on the planet


If you’ve had the opportunity to travel to modernised, developed countries, you will know that the same commercial chains show up in almost every corner of the world. However, there is one thing that many cities try to preserve, since there are few things as charming as street markets with...


TOP 12 + 5 most populated cities in the world that you should visit


There are trips for all tastes. Paradise and desert places, mountains, nature, beaches, sea, islands. What these places have in common is that they are the ideal place for rest. However, there are other types of destinations made for those who enjoy chaos to some degree. The most populated cities...

The creepiest abandoned places of the world | You won't believe it

The creepiest abandoned places of the world | You won’t believe it


The passage of time leaves places that many never want to visit again. Some were abandoned by wars, massacres, facilities that were not necessary and many more reasons. The creepiest abandoned places you can find and that have also become tourist destinations for the most curious travelers. Do you want...

international sushi day

International sushi day | What are its benefits?


Beloved by some, hated by others. Sushi is a dish that generates love and hate; However, we are many who love this Japanese dish that comes to our table to be a delight to the palate. June 18 of each year is a special date for lovers of Japanese cuisine....

Valentine's day destinations

Top 5 Valentine’s day destinations for 2019


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And to celebrate it with all of you, we have prepared a trip around the world. Yes, a trip around the globe with a stop at the best destinations for Valentine’s Day. So read carefully and take note of the countries that best...

Curious Customs of Japan


Japan is increasingly becoming a must-see destination due to its natural beauty, technological advances and its wonderful cuisine. Japanese customs reveal an abundance of vibrant culture and tradition, and being aware of said cultures is an important part of preparation when visiting the Land of the Rising Sun. In this...

Visit Takayama: a different trip to Japan


Takayama is a relatively small city that you can visit on foot. And this might be the first reason why choosing it as a travel destination makes it a different trip to Japan. If you plan your stay well, you can visit many of the most remarkable city attractions in a short...

Choose your spiritual trip on Earth


There are as many types of travelers as destinies. In Exoticca we have beaches for the sun addicts, mountains for the explorers, cities for the urbanites… But if you are seeking for a deeper experience, you can also start your spiritual trip on Earth. Visit any of the following destinies...

A trip to the future around the world


When we look for a vacation destiny we usually think about places. This is space. What if we could travel through time? No, we are not talking about small medieval villages that make you feel you have gone back to the Middle Ages. What we are proposing is much more adventurous....