When is the best time to visit United States

Choosing the best time to travel to the United States is quite difficult given that the country is very large. This brings with it climatic differences, as well as different landscapes and geographies. From the snow of the north, to the tropical climate and tornadoes of the east, to the warmth of the west coast. Everything is possible in the US.

When to travel to the United States

Firstly, and so you don’t end up in places that are packed, broadly speaking, spring and autumn are the best time to travel to the United States. However, due to the size of this country, it is worth informing you in advance about the area you want to visit, since the climate can vary a lot from one place to another. 

However, in the US, there are four seasons, like in Europe. The spring, from March to June, is warm and rainy. Summer (from June to September) is quite hot and humid with an average temperature of 35ºC. During autumn (September to December) the fresh breezes of September and October give way to the freeze of November and December. For its part, winter (between December and March) leaves thermometers frozen with temperatures of up to -34ºC.

With all of this, we’re going to see when to travel to the United States depending on the region you want to visit. 

Best time to travel to The Rockies

To discover the Yellowstone National Park or the Glacier in the region of The Rockies, you should know that the best time to visit is from June to September. In October and November, and until the middle of April, wind and snow will prevail.  Therefore, it’s best to avoid autumn and winter to visit this region.

Best time to travel to the southwest of the United States

If you don’t know when to travel to the United States to visit Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, California, Texas or New Mexico, take note of the following: it’s best to go in spring. During summer, it is packed with tourists. September and May are also good times to travel, if you want to enjoy winter sports.

Best time to visit Alaska

The temperatures in Alaska vary a lot, you can find 35ºC in the summer and -60ºC in winter. Another thing to bear in mind is that in June and July it can also snow. On the other hand, if you go to the north of Alaska, you’ll find freezing weather. The advantage is that you will be able to see the northern lights in this region.  It would be best to visit between May and September when the temperatures are more pleasant.

Best time to travel to the northeast of the United States

Any trip to the US includes at least New York, Boston and Chicago. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that winters are very cold, and summers are incredibly hot. In conclusion, the best time to visit these mega cities is in September and October. During these months the temperatures will enable you to walk around the city comfortably.

Best time to visit the southeast and Florida

If your trip includes Florida with its numerous theme parks, remember that the climate in this region is tropical. This means rains from May to September. On the other hand, spring is the warm and dry season, and winter is perfect for visiting the region. In summary, from November to May would be the best months to visit this part of the US.

Best time to travel to the west coast of the United States

To visit California with its famous LA and San Francisco, Washington, Arizona and Oregon, it’s best to do so in June and July. On the other hand, September and the beginning of October are also a good time to visit the North American Pacific coast.  The only problem in June and July is that there will be a large number of visitors.

Best time to visit the Great Plains of the centre of the United States

It is best to travel between the end of March and May, when the climate is milder. The months of September, October and November are also suitable to visit this region. In summer, however, it is too hot. In winter, as well as finding many places closed, the cold will stop you from enjoying your trip.

Finally, the best time to travel to the United States and visit Hawaii is between December and February, when the temperatures are warmer. Between June and October, the temperature continues to be pleasant, and the rains make an appearance between December and March, but in reality, the climatic differences are small, so you can visit Hawaii at any time of year.

If you still haven’t considered a trip to the United States, you no longer have an excuse, now you know when is the best time to visit this immense and surprising country.