When is the best time to visit South Korea

If you want to find out the best time to travel to South Korea you should know that this country has two different climates, as well as being affected by the monsoons. This means very rainy summers and very cold winters in the mountainous interior.

When to travel to South Korea

To determine when to travel to South Korea the first thing you should know is that, depending on the region you are visiting, there is both a continental humid climate and as a subtropical climate. As we mentioned earlier, the monsoons are another of the country’s climatic characteristics, and they make their appearance during the summer, between June and August.  

During the winter, the thermometer can drop to -20ºC in the most northerly part of the country. In the interior, temperatures are also quite low in winter, while in contrast, on the south coast temperatures are high during this time.

In spring, you will have flower-filled landscapes, but the weather may be rather changeable, in fact, the temperature fluctuations will be constant during your trip. You will still have very cool temperatures, particularly in the northern and central regions of the country.

On the other hand, we could say that the autumn would be the best time to travel to South Korea as, not only is the temperature more pleasant, but it is also the time when the colours of nature paint the country with an unequalled beauty. So, between September and November would be the best months to visit a large part of this country.

Now, let’s see when is the best time to travel to South Korea according to the region you want to visit.

When to travel to northern South Korea

If the objective of your trip is Seoul, there are two different times to make your trip. One is the months of May and June, and the other is between August and October. The month of July is best avoided, as this is when the monsoons are in their full splendour and when the largest amount of rain falls.

May and June have an average temperature of between 23ºC and 28ºC with rain being more likely in June. In contrast, between the end of August and October the rains diminish quite markedly and the average temperature is between 20ºC and 30ºC, with August being the hottest month. 

When to travel to eastern South Korea

The best time to travel to South Korea and visit the Gyeongbuk region is between May and October. The temperature is pleasant and there is hardly any rain at this time, despite coinciding with the summer.  

The average temperatures for these months are around 22ºC in May and around 30ºC in July and August. October and May are the coolest months, and they are when you will have the best weather for visiting this region of the country.  The rainfall index is higher in July, so if you can avoid this month, so much the better.

When to travel to southern South Korea

To visit Busan or Jeju Island you should be aware that the climate in this zone is hot and temperate with a lot of rain during most of the year. The average annual temperature on Jeju Island is around 15ºC, and the greatest rainfall index occurs in the month of August.  In Busan, the temperature varies between 0ºC in winter and 29ºC in summer.

The wettest months are from April to September, and the driest are from October to March. As regards temperatures, January and February are the coldest months at an average of 5ºC, while April, October and November are more pleasant. In summary, October would be the best time to visit Jeju, while from September up to mid-October would be the best time for Busan.

When to visit western South Korea

The best time to travel to South Korea and visit the regions of Jeonbuk or Chungnam is between May and October. This region has two types of climate, the oceanic and the Chinese climates. The rainfall index is higher between July and August, but even so, there is not much rainfall. 

The average temperature is around 20ºC from May and up to 31ºC in July and August, with October being the month with the most pleasant temperatures. To travel to this South Korean region, autumn could also be perfect, as between October and November the temperature is good and there is hardly any rain.

You now know when is the best time to travel to South Korea according to the zone you want to visit. Now all you need to do is choose your date and start to plan your trip. Don’t think about it any longer, Korea is a country that will surprise you.