When is the best time to visit Singapore

If you don’t know when is the best time to visit Singapore, let’s start by looking at the climate of this island country. Generally speaking, there are no seasons in Singapore, just the monsoon appears at the end of the year. The temperature is hot all year round, as well as the humidity, characteristic of the tropical regions.

When to travel to Singapore

To know when to travel to Singapore, the first thing you need to know is that, from November to January, there are torrential rains. This restricts somewhat the best time to travel to Singapore, in fact, you can visit the country the rest of the year, between February and October. Although there will also be rain, it won’t be as abundant as during the winter months.

Another thing to bear in mind is that from the end of January until mid-February, the prices in Singapore increase considerably. This is due to it coinciding with the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Another time when hotel prices and airline tickets are more expensive is at Easter. The summer months are also the high tourist season, so take note of all of this.

In terms of temperatures, Singapore has an average annual temperature of 27ºC, so it is a warm country all year round. May is the hottest month, with an average of 28ºC, and December is the coldest with an average of 25ºC.

The rains start at the end of September and end at the end of January with a high volume of rain throughout the country. Humidity reaches 80% during the day and at night, and between July and October there is usually mist coming from the neighbouring country, Indonesia.  The equatorial climate of Singapore is why it rains so much and is so tropical.

So, let’s find out when is the best time to travel to Singapore to visit the most important places of this South Asian country.

Best time to travel to the north of Singapore

In the northwest of Singapore you must go to the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, whilst in the northeast is Palau Ubin and the Tekong Islands. To visit these rarely visited areas of Singapore, the best time for your trip is from the end of February until the end of October.

The climate is mild, with average temperatures of 26ºC and clear skies, except in July and October. Therefore, April, May and June would be the best months to enjoy all types of activities and visits to the northern area of the country.

Best time to travel to the east of Singapore

To the east of Singapore is Changi very well known for being the location of Singapore International Airport. Many flights to other Asian countries and also Australia make stopovers here. So, as well as for its airport, this area of Singapore is famous for the area of Changi Beach Park.

To visit this region, the best time is between March and June, not just because you will avoid the rain, but also the crowds of tourists during the high season: summer. During these months, you will have good weather and will be free of the typical mists of the months from July to September.

The south of the country is where most of Singapore’s tourist attractions are located: Sentosa island, Gardens by the Bay, Merlion statue, Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay, and much more. So that you can saunter around all of these wonderful places, the best time for your trip is between March and October.

When is the best time to visit Singapore

On the other hand, if you need to choose more specific months, it’s best to play your trip from March to May.  And if you can’t make this date, at the end of September and until mid-October you will be able to enjoy good weather and cheaper prices in this modern country.

Best time to travel to the centre of Singapore

Another popular area of this country is the centre, given that here you will find the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the district of Ang Mo Kio or the famous Punggol Park. To visit this area it is best to do so between February and October.

The average temperatures at this time of year are around 32ºC, and although it rains all year round, most of the rain is concentrated between the end of October and beginning of April. The months with less rain, which are not totally dry, are June and July, although August and September also have little rain.

This is all you need to know about the best time to travel to Singapore. As you will have seen, except during winter, any other time is suitable to visit this South Asian country.