When is the best time to visit Philippines

If you’re wondering when to travel to the Philippines to discover any of its 7,100 islands, you should know that the weather varies according to the region. On the other hand, the Philippines have a dry season and a rainy season, which will help you prepare your trip.

Best time to travel to Philippines

Before determining when to travel to the Philippines, you should know that the climate of the Philippines is mainly tropical. However, they have three seasons: the dry season, which runs from March to May; the rainy season, which extends between June and November; and finally, the temperate season, which runs from December to February.

Between the months of May and October is when the monsoons make an appearance in the Philippines, leaving behind abundant rains. During these months, the average temperature ranges between 21ºC and 31ºC, with May being the warmest month. These average temperatures could be applied practically to the whole country, except to the high zones, as is the case in Baguio, located at 1,500 m in altitude In this case, the average temperature is 18ºC, making it a perfect destination to escape the heat.

Broadly speaking, to decide when to travel to the Philippines, the best time is during the dry season. The temperate season could also be a good option, so we would have a fairly wide range of dates: from December, and until May.

Although the rainy season, which runs from June to November, is not recommended because of the monsoons, it would be a good option to find offers for flights and accommodations. The places will be less plagued by tourists, and you will not have problems booking the best hotels at a good price.

Remember that the downpours fall normally in the afternoon and evening; during the mornings you can enjoy radiant sunshine. So, if you don’t mind getting wet, or you can organise your trip to take advantage of sunny mornings, the rainy season doesn’t have to stop you.

Typhoons deserve a separate chapter. These are tropical cyclones which have sometimes devastated many areas of the Philippines. The months which are most susceptible to this type of adverse weather are July, August and September. In this way, you still have a few months of the rainy season in which you are not in danger from travelling to this Asian country.

Let’s see when to travel to the Philippines according to the most emblematic places of the archipelago.

When to travel to Hidden and Secret Beach

Every trip to the Philippines must include El Nido, the town which is considered the best tourist destination in the entire country. Two of its beaches, Hidden and Secret Beach, are famous for their beautiful coastal lagoons. Of course, during the rainy season the sea level rises, making it impossible to access the beaches.

The best time to visit this paradise is therefore during the dry season. In this way you can not only ensure access, but also enjoy good weather to swim in its crystal-clear waters, and appreciate the beauty of these unique beaches.

When to travel to Bohol

To travel to Bohol and visit the chocolate hills, it is best to go between December and April, that is, avoiding the rainy season. Also, if you go during the spring, at the end of April, the vegetation which surrounds these mountains will be greener, and will increase the contrast with its chocolate-brown colour.

During the dry season, that is, between March and May, would be the best months to visit this island. The temperature will be very pleasant, and you can have a good amount of time to do trekking, and discover its wonderful landscape.

When to travel to Batad

The Batad rice terraces are so spectacular that this landscape has been declared a World Heritage Site. To travel to this area of the Luzon region, avoid the wet season, because the roads may be blocked.

From December until mid-May are the best months when you can travel to the Philippines and photograph Batad. The average temperature will be around 20-25ºC, so your visit to this area will be very pleasant.

When to travel to Camiguín

The name of Camiguín will probably not tell you anything, but if we say Hibok-Hibok, you will probably recognise the name of the famous Filipino volcano. Lovers of trekking and adventure will do well to travel to this island during the dry season.

Going through the jungle in torrential rain is not a good idea, so you should not travel during the summer months. It would be best to schedule your trip between December and May, preferably between March, April and May.

Take note of all the above and decide when to travel to the Philippines to discover the wonders which this country can offer you. The landscape, its people and its gastronomy will be your best travel memories.