When is the best time to visit Cambodia

To know when to travel to Cambodia you must bear in mind that, like other Asian countries, it has two seasons. The wet season runs from July to October, and the dry season from November to June. But in addition to this, you also have to know that each region has its own climatic characteristics.

Best time to travel to Cambodia

In general terms, you should know that April, May and June are the hottest months in Cambodia. If you can avoid these months you will save yourself having to visit the country under too much heat. July and September, however, are the months of intense rains, so they would not be a good time to discover the wonders of this country.

By way of summary, we would like to clarify that the Cambodian winter goes from November to March, while the summer, the monsoon season, runs from May to October. During the winter you will find temperatures between 25ºC and 30ºC, which corresponds to the dry season. In summer, temperatures can reach up to 35ºC, in addition to withstanding torrential rains.

With all this, we can conclude that to decide when to travel to Cambodia, you must bear in mind that the best months are from November to February, including the beginning of March, even if it is somewhat hotter.

Now, let’s see when to visit the most emblematic places in Cambodia and what to take into account when planning your trip.

When to travel to Angkor Wat

Without a doubt, one of the main reasons why people travel to Cambodia is to visit Angkor Wat. This enormous complex of ancient temples is the country’s tourist attraction par excellence. Therefore, if you want to visit these wonderful religious facilities in the middle of the jungle, it is better to do it in good weather.

It’s best to organise your trip to visit this temple complex between November and February. The only downside is that it is high tourist season, so there will be thousands of people in the same place with you. If you want to enjoy the peace and beauty of Angkor Wat with more tranquility, it’s best to travel between April and October. Although it will rain on many days, the advantage is tranquility, and the possibility of seeing the great lakes of the area in their heyday.

When to travel to the jungle

If your trip also includes the Cambodian jungle, avoid the wet season, i.e. the summer months, because not only will you go cold at night, and there will be torrential rain, but mosquitoes will be your inseparable companions on the trip. That is, it is better to choose from November to March to visit this area of Cambodia.

The northeast of the country is the perfect place for ecotourism lovers and those who want to get up close to local communities and the most spectacular wildlife. Ratanakiri or Mondulkiri are an example of this, both with an incredible natural beauty and still little-exploited by tourism. Of course, keep in mind that, during the rainy season, it will be very difficult or almost impossible to access these places due to the state of the roads.

When to travel to Cambodian Switzerland

Yes, there is a kind of Switzerland in Cambodia, not so much because of the city, but because of the amount of water and waterfalls in this area of the country. The province of Sen Monorom is the centre of operations to visit the famous waterfall of Bou Sraa, or to stay in Dei Ey, a town of one of the ethnic minorities in the area, who offer accommodation and traditional food in their homes.

Well, to visit this lost paradise of Cambodia, you had better go during the dry season, that is, between November and March, because the summer rains will not let you enjoy all the wonders you can discover in this region.

When to travel to Tonlé Sap

Deciding when to travel to Cambodia and visit the Tonlé Sap is complicated, since the landscape changes according to the season of the year. In the dry season, you will see the floating villages, but you run the risk that the water level is too low and there is no possibility of renting a boat.

During the summer, that is, the rainy season, you can guarantee the cruises from Siem Reap, but the water level rises so much that it covers the stilt houses. Therefore, you should visit the villages from a boat, and it is very likely that it will rain during your trip.

We can say that the best time to visit this beautiful freshwater lake is at the end of summer. The water level will be optimal, and we can visit the floating villages with good weather and pleasant temperatures.

Finally, remember that the tourist high season coincides with the dry season. May and June, on the other hand, are low season, somewhat rainy but valid for travelling to Cambodia.