When is the best time to visit Sweden

The climate of northern Europe can be a bit confusing to those who live at other latitudes. So if you’re not sure when to travel to Sweden, read on. It’s not as simple as avoiding the winter months. In fact, December may be the best time to travel to Sweden. It all depends on your plans and what you want to see whilst you’re visiting!
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When to travel to Sweden to see the Northern Lights

One of the great attractions of the Nordic countries is the possibility of seeing the phenomenon we know as the Northern Lights. The night’s sky dances with green, yellow and purple light, an incredible experience to witness! This phenomenon can be experienced in Swedish Lapland. And one of the most suitable destinations to visit for this purpose is Kiruna. Here you will even find a station dedicated to the northern lights, the Aurora Sky Station.

The best time to see it, although not guaranteed, is winter. Bundle up and travel in December or January to put luck on your side.

When to travel to Sweden to experience the midnight sun

Kiruna is also the key destination to see the so-called midnight sun in Sweden. The phenomenon happens during the summer. At the peak of the season, the sun shines almost without interruption from one day to the next.

When can I celebrate Midsommar in Sweden?

Midsommar is the most important celebration in the country and everyone participates. In fact, few Swedes fail to celebrate the longest day of the year, which is usually between June 19 and 25. This Nordic tradition includes dance and lots of food.

When to travel to Sweden and visit the island of Djurgarden

To learn a little more about the country’s way of life, the best time to travel to Sweden is in the spring. During the warmer months, the island of Djurgarden opens its zoo and open-air museum to the public. There are many activities for the little ones and fun is guaranteed for the whole family.

When to travel to Sweden and visit the largest amusement park in Scandinavia

Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg is open from approximately May to August. It is the largest of the Nordic countries and has entertainment for all ages. From towering roller coasters and free falls to harmless merry-go-rounds.

When should I visit Malmö Castle

Stockholm is the capital of the country. If you are wondering when to travel to Sweden to walk its streets, the answer is to take advantage of spring and summer. Winter can be very harsh and daylight hours are minimal. Attractions such as the Malmö Castle are better in daylight when you are able to contemplate the beauty of the city. Stockholm is also home to the pretty painted wooden buildings of Gamla Stan in the Old Town and the iconic cathedral where all the royal weddings take place.

The best time to travel to Sweden and navigate the Gotä Canal

The Gotä Canal is located in the south of the country and offers a unique opportunity for a cruise to discover the landscapes and architecture of the area. Mills, meadows and a tranquil countryside are what you can expect, along with some great sunsets. You can also choose to enter the fjords by boat. An essential and unique experience!

When to travel to Sweden to experience an authentic sauna

If there’s one thing you cannot miss when you travel to Sweden, it is the experience of trying a sauna. Choose winter, head to Lake Källtorp and do it the local way: sauna first, then a swim in the ice-cold lake. Sure, it’ll take your breath away, but your body will thank you for it! When to travel to Sweden for this traditional health cure? In the winter when there is snow, of course!

When is the best time to visit Uppsala, Sweden?

Uppsala is a beautiful city with a great university-town atmosphere. The ideal time to visit depends on your intentions. If you want to enjoy its architectural attractions, such as the castle or the cathedral, choose the summer. If, on the other hand, you prefer to party, the academic year will give you the best indication of when to enjoy the best nightlife!

Now you know when to travel to Sweden, all you have to do is book your trip!

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