When is the best time to visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of beautiful contrasts, but it is located in the middle of the Tropic of Cancer, so it is necessary to know when to travel to Hong Kong so that the monsoon rains do not surprise you. Many people visit in the summer, but this is by no means the best time to travel to Hong Kong. Follow us and we will show you the best time to get the most out of this historic and dynamic city!

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When to travel to Hong Kong For the best view from Victoria Peak

Hong Kong is a city that consists of a mainland and several islands. To get an idea of its appearance and geography, the ideal plan is to go up to Victoria Peak. From here, the views are spectacular. On a clear day, with blue skies, you can see all the islands. Therefore, the best time to visit the city if you don’t want to miss this is during the spring. The climate is mild, it is not the rainy season and the city will not yet be filled with tourists.

Can I cruise on Hong Kong Bay at any time of the year?

It is best to travel to Hong Kong outside of the monsoon season. Keep in mind that the journey on the Star Ferry across the Bay is worth doing twice. Once during the day and once at night, to contemplate the illuminated city. The months of April and May and from September to November are the best for dry weather.

When to travel to Hong Kong to stroll through its parks and gardens

Hong Kong is a city of great contrasts. In addition to the huge buildings designed by renowned architects, you can find quiet places, such as the Kowloon Park or the Chi Lin or Lian gardens. To walk among its flower beds and enjoy the colorful blooms, it is better to avoid the summer months. Again, spring and fall are the best options.

The best time to travel to Hong Kong and visit its temples

If we are going to talk about when to travel to Hong Kong, visiting its temples should not be left out of your itinerary. Hong Kong possesses a spiritual culture capable of combining the advances of the wildest capitalism with the deepest religion. This is evident at the Mon Man temple, whose spirals of smoke are lost in the facades of the skyscrapers. For its part, the Wong Tai Sin temple is the most visited by the inhabitants of Hong Kong, since it is one of the most used temples for prayer.

Visiting these temples in all their splendor requires avoiding the crowds and high temperatures of the summer. Therefore, May, April and September, October and November are the best months for sightseeing.

When to travel to Hong Kong and get lost among its huge skyscrapers

Hong Kong is home to some of the tallest and most spectacular buildings in the world. You cannot visit this city and not take a long walk through its streets. Day and night are completely different thanks to the lighting. Photography and architecture lovers will enjoy it, especially in the autumn.

During the winter months, Hong Kong is a less tourist-friendly city and you might be disappointed. During this season its inhabitants take vacations and celebrate the Chinese New Year, and many places are closed.

The largest covered escalator in the world: When to travel to Hong Kong to visit it?

This 800 meter long covered escalator is known as the Central – Mid Levels Staircase and is a very ingenious means of transport to negotiate the great slopes of the city of Hong Kong. If you are in the city, be sure to take a ride for a memorable experience!

Once again, spring and autumn are the best times to travel to Hong Kong. The rains are less frequent, the climate is milder and there are no sudden changes.

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