When is the best time to visit Belize

The best time to travel to Belize depends on what the traveler is looking for. This country keeps a secret, little known to tourists, in the form of lush virgin forests and paradisiacal beaches of silky white sand. Although it is a privileged place, wonderful to visit at any time, it depends on individual tastes to choose one time or another to visit this Caribbean paradise.

mejor época para viajar a Belice

The best time to travel to Belize?

Here are some clues as to the best time to travel to Belize:

Temperature and rainfall in Belize month by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
26°C 28°C 30°C 32°C 32°C 31°C 31°C 31°C 31°C 30°C 28°C 27°C
34 mm 27 mm 24 mm 35 mm 69 mm 110 mm 89 mm 92 mm 101 mm 87 mm 45 mm 32 mm


When is high season in Belize

In this case, the term season does not refer to any natural phenomenon or climatic event in particular, but simply to the period of the year in which trips to this country are more frequent. The high season in Belize runs approximately from mid-November to the end of May. In these months, the region becomes a hive of activity. Keep in mind that, in this period, both in Europe and North America, temperatures have dropped, rain and snow are frequent and the cold wind blows hard. So it is the ideal time to make a trip to the south. So, if we travel looking to enjoy a cozy climate, you’ll want to leave the hotel. Out there is much to see and many events to attend during these months. At the end of November, the local version of Thanksgiving takes place. Christmas is also celebrated in a big way in the Caribbean since most of the country’s population is Christian. Then comes the New Year, which in Belize is a social event, with parties in many venues and bars.

Jungle experiences and canoe routes

February is also a perfect month to travel to this Caribbean country and enjoy a private romantic dinner on the beach or in the jungle. The locals are quite romantic and know what to do to make a date special, so spending Valentine’s Day in Belize can be an unforgettable gift for a loved one. With spring, the nature routes reach their peak because the weather is perfect. Tourists can enjoy the Belize River Mayan Route Challenge, which is a four-day endurance race by canoe. It starts from the Hawkesworth Bridge in San Ignacio and continues along the Belize River to the old capital. Another big event this season is Easter. Due to fasting restrictions, home cooking during these days is more limited and focused on dishes that do not include meat. Large processions are organized and floral carpets are created in the streets.

Low season in Belize

The low season in Belize runs from June to the middle of November. At this time you can find better deals, both in terms of accommodation and tourist attractions. It’s a good time to travel as most attractions and tours don’t close out of the season. May and June are the hottest months in Belize, however, being a small nation next to the Caribbean, the possibilities of water sports are endless so the heat is less oppressive. Storms are frequent but brief enough not to ruin a traveler’s itinerary.

Lobsters and whale sharks

On June 15, the lobster season begins something that is celebrated with great ceremony in Belize. To commemorate it is the Annual Lobster Festival, which lasts for two weeks, and takes place in Caye Caulker, San Pedro and Placencia. If lobsters abound in the Belizean summer, so do whale sharks, but in this case, they are not for eating, but for diving with them. They are migratory marine animals that arrive in Caribbean waters at the beginning of summer to spawn in warm waters. The Gladden Split area is the best place to see them. Diving and snorkeling expeditions are available for tourists who want to experience swimming with these colossal fish in crystal blue waters. September begins the month of patriotic celebrations. The 10th marks the day of the Battle of St. George’s Caye, and parades and bands march through the streets of cities and towns. The 21st is Independence Day, Belize’s biggest holiday. All the parties start a week before the set day, except for the Orange Walk Carnival which is celebrated on the 21st.

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