When is the best time to visit Nepal

Designating the best time to travel to Nepal isn’t easy, given that this country has regions with very diverse altitudes.  It also depends on the type of trip you want to go on, it isn’t the same doing sports as discovering medieval villages, or visiting for religious reasons.  All of this conditions the ideal time to travel to Nepal, however, we will focus on the weather for organising the trip.

When to travel to Nepal

In general, the best time to travel to Nepal is during the dry season, which goes from the months of October to May. This is the best time to visit the wonders that this country offers you, both in terms of nature and mountains, as well as temples, monasteries and villages rooted in thousand year old tradition.

Avoid, therefore, the months of the rainy season which runs from June to September.  During these months the rain can ruin your trip since it is torrential rain so, no matter how well you cover up, you still end up soaking wet.  Another point to bear in mind is that Nepal has few, if any, tarmacked roads, so when it rains, everywhere gets muddy.

Even if your trip is to explore the mountains in one of its famous treks, the dry season is definitely the best time.  That way you will able to enjoy the incredible views, as well as physically exert yourself with a favourable climate.

Let’s see, however, depending on the region, when is best to travel to Nepal so that your trip is as pleasant as possible.

Travelling to the western part of Nepal

The peaks of Annapurna are in this area of the country that attract millions of walkers and climbers nearly all year round.  The best time for mountaineering in these wonderful summits is spring and autumn.  The rainy season is recommended for the Mustang region, since the high mountains protect the region from the rain.

In summary, we could say that, for mountain sports in the area of Annapurna, you can travel to Nepal at any time of year.  To avoid the low temperatures as you climb up the mountain, it is worth avoiding winder and the rainy summer.

Travelling to the eastern part of Nepal

If your aim as a mountaineer is to reach the base camp of Kachenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world, avoid the wet season.  In this region, the best months are October to May, given that the monsoons are particularly hard in the mountain.

In addition to climbing the mountain, during the climb you will be able to see scenery of extreme beauty, a waterfall and unique and exuberant vegetation.  Therefore, the best time to travel to Nepal and conquer this great sacred mountain is during the dry season.

Travelling to the central part of Nepal

If you don’t know when to travel to Nepal to visit Kathmandu, its capital, you should know that from May to September, but especially in May and June, as well as being unbearably hot, the streets are full of sludge from the rain.  Avoid the monsoon season for your visit and opt for the months of October to April.

Also choose the dry season for visiting the peaceful and relaxing Pokhara or the holy town of Lumbini. Wonderful medieval cities like Patan, Bhaktapur, Dhulikel, or the National Parks of Chitwan or Langtang are best visited at this time of year.

Travelling to the northern part of Nepal

The highest peaks of the world are concentrated in the north of Nepal, specifically, the country treasures the ten highest mountains in the world.  The best time to travel to Nepal and enjoy the high mountain is also the dry season.

Climbing Everest or Annapurna is a challenge that many travellers have in mind when they travel to Nepal.  During the autumn months is the best time, since the temperatures are pleasant which will allow a safe climb.

From June to September, however, is a more dangerous time for visiting these steep peaks, the danger of landslides and the rains will make your adventure very difficult. It goes without saying that it is too cold in December and January to dare to climb the snowy peaks.

Visiting the region of Lake Rara

The National Park of Rara is in the north east of Nepal, and is a very popular destination amongst travellers who visit the country.  In this area you can visit numerous temples, as well as try the experience of travelling on the Great Himalaya Trail.

The advantage of this region compared to others in the country is that is can be visited practically all year round.  Although the dry season is the most recommended, during the wet season, the area has little rain.  Rara is the perfect destination for those who love nature in its pure state.

To finish defining when to visit Nepal, bear in mind that the high tourist season is in October and November.  The mid season is March and April, and the low season is from June to September.

With all of this, you can now plan your trip and decide on the best time to travel to Nepal depending on your objectives for your visit.